On Day 3, delegates returned to the main conference venue (Chateau on the Park) and participated in a series of plenaries and workshops which discussed what HealthPathways regions could take away from the conference and apply locally.

Key Themes from the Conference Workshops

In this presentation, delegates heard a summary of the key outcomes from the conference workshops.

Presenter: Ian Anderson, CEO, Streamliners


How to apply Whole of System Change in Your Health Environment

HealthPathways has seen amazing uptake across Australia and New Zealand, and our first customer in the United Kingdom, with further countries likely to utilise it in the near future. The story of HealthPathways is told within the context of the wider ‘whole of system’ transformation that is occurring within the Canterbury health system. But what is the story of its implementation in other diverse health systems, is it being utilised as a tool to facilitate wider ‘whole of system’ reform, and what does the future hold for HealthPathways in this context?

In this session, presenters from across the HealthPathways Community shared practical examples of how HealthPathways is being utilised to improve local health systems outside of Canterbury and ask a number of questions including:

  • What are the prerequisites for utilising HealthPathways effectively in the system change journey?
  • How do you ensure these are in place in your region?
  • Can the change achieved in Canterbury really be applied to differing structures and systems?


  • Andy Froggatt, Chief Implementation Advisor, HealthPathways Community
  • Dr Graham McGeoch, Chief Clinical Editor, HealthPathways Community
  • Alison Berigan, HealthPathways Coordinator, Townsville HealthPathways
  • Sue Langdon, GP Liaison, Mackay HealthPathways
  • Toni Simmons, HealthPathways Coordinator, Mackay HealthPathways


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Base HealthPathways and Product Road Map

In this session, Dr Kieran Holland gave delegates a quick tour of the latest HealthPathways developments, plus a peak at a few things brewing in the HealthPathways laboratory.

Presenter: Dr Kieran Holland, Clinical Lead - HealthPathways Strategy and Design, Streamliners


Exploring ways to integrate patient information with HealthPathways

During this workshop delegates viewed a range of potential ways to integrate patient information with HealthPathways and, in groups, explored and discussed the following questions:

  1. What styles and formats are currently being adopted in different areas? What are the advantages and disadvantages of these to consider?
  2. What sort of information should be provided? What is the best style and format for patients and their carers?
  3. What are the best channels or models for delivering the information to patients?
  4. Can all or some of the information published for trained health professionals via HealthPathways be repurposed for a patient audience?
  5. Are HealthPathways member organisations best to pursue the patient information needs individually, or as collectives on a regional, state, national, or international level?

Facilitator: Dr Lucinda Whiteley, Clinical Editor, HealthInfo


  • Sally Watson, HealthInfo Service Developement Manager, Canterbury District Health Board
  • Mark Girvan, Manager Service Planning and Reform, North England Commissioning Support Group
  • Wai Lee, Clinical Editor, Townsville HealthPathways
  • Anneliese Gillard, HealthPathways Program Officer, North Western Melbourne Primary Health Network
  • Juanita Gibson, HealthPathways Implementation Consultant, Streamliners


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