Normal business hours phone contact

If you need to contact Streamliners on week days during our normal business hours
indicated in the drop down below, please use your local phone number.


Out-of-hours and emergency phone contact

Australia: +61 2 9061 8926
New Zealand: +64 9 367 2550
United Kingdom: +44 20 3519 0279


Only call one of these numbers if you need to contact Streamliners outside of our normal business hours listed in the drop down above, and you have an emergency situation, such as:

  • you need to make a critical clinical update to the health alert on your HealthPathways website home page or to any live page, e.g. changes to COVID-19 assessment or management that are critical to front-line care, or
  • online services provided to you as part of the Streamliners service have become unusable.


Critical Clinical Changes

A critical clinical change is a change to content on the live site that has a clinically significant impact on the clinician’s care of a patient and needs to happen right away, usually without going through the draft process.

A critical change may be necessary when the senior clinical editor (or delegate if not available) has determined that the level of urgency is critical because:

  • content on the live site which has a significant impact on the clinician’s care of a patient has been identified as being dangerously wrong, and there is significant clinical risk.
  • new information needs to be communicated immediately to the HealthPathways audience, e.g. an urgent health news alert notifying users of emergency situations such as:
    • a hospital in gridlock
    • an infectious diseases outbreak
    • the medical centres or pharmacies which are open during a natural disaster
    • a contamination threat
    • a drug recall.

If there is any doubt about correct sign-off, the writer will contact the Platform Senior Clinical Editor (Helen Liley) or their delegate.

Delegated authorities:

  • If the Platform Senior Clinical Editor (Helen Liley) is unavailable, their delegate is Clinical Lead, HealthPathways Advisors (Louise Delaney).
  • If the HealthPathways Writing Team Manager (Melissa Taylor) is unavailable, their delegate is any regional group manager or the Writing Systems Manager (Emma Harding).

Being prepared for an emergency

Download the Streamliners Emergency Contact Poster and pin it to your notice board so you can access the information quickly.

If your organisation has a help desk or technical support team, make sure the staff in that team know about the Streamliners emergency number, and when to use it.

If you need to make an emergency update outside of normal office hours or on a public holiday, Streamliners has established a protocol to make updates to your HealthPathways website quickly and consistently.

When you phone this number, the Answer Service will undertake to alert key personnel, who will perform the update as quickly as they can.

The Streamliners person contacted:

  • checks the list of people in your region who are authorised to request an emergency update.
  • if the request is made by someone not on the authorised list, contacts an authorised person to check that the change should be made.
  • follows agreed conventions for where and how the information is to be displayed on each region's HealthPathways website.

If an update is added to another HealthPathways website that may be relevant to your area, we’ll let you know as soon as possible so you can consider adding it to your website too.

If your regional team has not provided any of the above information or has questions about the protocol, please contact your lead writer at Streamliners.