COVID-19 Response Updates

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This update we cover localising your COVID-19 Service Impact page, adding COVID-19 page scope statements, and adding the COVID-19 Recent Changes page. We also remind you of the milestones for this week.
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Published on 27 Mar, 2020 |
Today Friday 13 March, we released the HealthPathways COVID-19 Response Package on Base HealthPathways and provided links to the individual pages in a COVID-19 package guide on Online Help.
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Published on 13 Mar, 2020 |
Due to the need for rapid updates for COVID-19 response, we’re drawing your attention to updated procedures in Online Help for emergency and partial updates, and a new protocol for responding to clinical errors in live and draft pages.
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Published on 12 Mar, 2020 |
In light of the rapidly evolving situation, Streamliners is fast-tracking a HealthPathways COVID-19 pathway and resources package for use across the community, to be released as soon as possible this week.
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Published on 09 Mar, 2020 |