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HealthPathways COVID-19 Update – Tuesday 31 March

Published on 31 Mar, 2020 |

Today’s update covers:

  • adding the newly formatted COVID-19 Recent Changes page.
  • developing new COVID-19-related guidance.
  • seeking state/national funding for lead region COVID-19 work.
  • embedding HealthPathways in your COVID-19 response.

We’re aware that our HealthPathways customers are triaging a lot of emails at present. This week, we will only send alerts about COVID-19 response updates to all programme managers, senior clinical editors, COVID-19 CEs, and COVID-19 coordinators.

Latest updates

Adding the newly formatted COVID-19 Recent Changes page

In Friday’s COVID-19 Response Update, we signalled that we’d be rolling out a more usable format for the COVID-19 Recent Changes page. All New Zealand HealthPathways sites now have the new format.

Please let your lead writer know if you’d like us to improve your Recent Changes page – it is a small job (less than 30 minutes work).

For those sites not yet using the page, the Google Analytics tell us that it’s currently about the 10th most popular page on the Canterbury Community site, and hits on this page are 5 times higher than the next most hit page (Tonsillitis and Sore Throat).

Developing new COVID-19-related guidance

The Base HealthPathways team is receiving feedback about new COVID-19 related guidance being developed across the community for general practice teams, including:

  • COVID-19 Ongoing Assessment and Management
  • COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Aged Residential Care
  • COVID-19 Last Days of Life
  • COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Children
  • COVID-19 Community Supports

The team is now working to coordinate work among contributing regions to avoid duplication of effort.

See the “COVID-19 New Page Requests” tab in the HealthPathways COVID-19 response progress report(Google Sheet) for more information.

If you are planning to develop new COVID-19 related content we encourage you to talk to your lead writer and follow the usual Considering a New Pathway or Clinical Page procedure. The Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) is currently prioritising all COVID-19 content requests over other work.

Seeking state/national funding for lead region COVID-19 work

The response from across the HealthPathways Community to the COVID-19 pandemic has been outstanding, particularly the regional group working together and using the COVID-19 response package to rapidly develop and maintain great quality content.

Using the HealthPathways Lead Region model to develop and update COVID-19 pathways has ensured:

  • key messages from state, national and international guidance are distilled for use by all local teams.
  • the overall effort and cost of developing and maintaining guidance is shared and therefore reduced.
  • the COVID-19 guidance provided is more consistent across localities.

We recognise that being the COVID-19 lead region is resource intensive and may continue for many months.

Streamliners will be working with executive sponsors and programme managers of the COVID-19 lead regions to assist them in engaging with their health departments to support their lead region work. We expect to have a localised package, including costings to discuss with the lead region executive sponsor in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, we ask you to hold back from making independent arrangements (including cost sharing) so we can take a coordinated approach without undermining the state and national engagement work.

Embedding HealthPathways in your COVID-19 response

We encourage local HealthPathways teams to consider implementing some of the ideas listed in the COVID-19 communications and engagement planning resource (PDF) and discuss them with your steering group or executive sponsor.

To keep your local clinicians informed and engaged in HealthPathways, you could send them a link to the video, HealthPathways - Helping you prepare and respond to COVID-19 (Vimeo), or ask your local DHB/PHN/PHO to include a link to the video in their next e-newsletter to general practice.

More information

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your lead writer.

If you have any feedback on the package, please email your regional group clinical advisor.