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HealthPathways COVID-19 Update – Monday 6 April

Published on 06 Apr, 2020 |

Today’s update covers:

  • the launch of the new COVID-19 Development Hub
  • new COVID-19 communications and engagement tools
  • COVID-19 clinician engagement analytics
  • COVID-19-related pages and resources

We’re aware that our HealthPathways customers are triaging a lot of emails at present. This week, we will only send alerts about COVID-19 response updates to all programme managers, senior clinical editors, COVID-19 CEs, and COVID-19 coordinators.

Latest news

New COVID-19 Development Hub

This week, we will add a new page in the COVID-19 section on your draft site called the COVID-19 Development Hub. This page contains links to a range of useful development resources for COVID-19 clinical editors and programme teams. It is maintained by the Base HealthPathways team and will not appear on your live site. It includes a link to the register of new requests for COVID-19 pages.

New COVID-19 communications and engagement tools

In Online Help you’ll now find a table that lists new COVID-19 communications and engagement content which your team can use to increase awareness of your HealthPathway COVID-19 pages and resources among local clinicians.

So far, the table includes:

  • a short guide to the HealthPathways COVID-19 response pages and resources for an e-newsletter or subscriber update.
  • a news story about how HealthPathways has leveraged its global community to rapidly develop and share COVID-19 guidance for general practice teams. We’ve published a version on the HealthPathways Community Latest News.
  • supporting images and graphics for the above communications content.

We’ll be adding more content as new communications material is developed.

We encourage you to download this material and forward it to your local PHN/PHO/DHB communications or media team, and ask them to add more of a local flavour and publish it via their local health system channels.

If you have any questions about communications and engagement, please email Adrienne Sidal (adrienne.sidal@healthpathwayscommunity.org)

COVID-19 clinician engagement analytics

Each week, our community success managers are emailing updated clinical engagement analytics reports to all programme managers. We are working on automating this process to give them direct access to your programme’s charts.

To get a sense of COVID-19 clinical engagement across all HealthPathways jurisdictions, see the “COVID-19 Page View Charts” tab in the HealthPathways COVID-19 response progress report (Google Sheet).

If you have any questions about clinician engagement analytics, please contact your community success manager.

COVID-19-related pages and resources

For a full list of COVID-19-related content in development, see the COVID-19 Development Hub in the COVID-19 section on your draft site.

If you are planning to develop new COVID-19-related content, please check what’s already being considered via the hub, then talk to your lead writer and follow the usual Considering a New Pathway or Clinical Page procedure. The Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) is currently prioritising all COVID-19 content requests over other work.

Live pages
Pages in progress
  • COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Aged Residential Care [for GPs] - Western Victoria, Hunter New England
  • COVID-19 Assessment and Management in Children - Melbourne
  • COVID-19 Care in the Community (Ongoing Assessment and Management) - Hunter New England
  • COVID-19 Last Days of Life - West Moreton, Southern

More information

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your lead writer.

If you have any feedback on the package, please email your regional group clinical advisor.