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HealthPathways COVID-19 Update – Friday 24 April

Published on 24 Apr, 2020 |

Today’s update covers:

  • collaborating and sharing COVID-19 CE notes relating to clinical care (addendum)
  • recording partial updates in Dot – best practice
  • requesting COVID-19 CE notes in Dot – best practice
  • changing the COVID-19 Section heading page
  • adding a new Reproductive Health section
  • deferring April broken links reporting into May

Latest updates

Collaborating and sharing COVID-19 CE notes relating to clinical care (addendum)

The new COVID-19 Impact on Clinical Care page summarises COVID-19 notes on clinical pathways describing changes to the assessment and management of other conditions.

The impacts are similar from region to region so sharing (single-sourcing) COVID-19 notes will rapidly increase the quality of your HealthPathways site and reduce the duplication of effort across the community. Queensland are planning to share COVID-19 impact on clinical care notes across the state.

To assist, today we launched a CE collaboration spreadsheet which lists all the CE notes from across the community that relate to the impact on clinical care. This is available from the Toolbox section of the COVID-19 Development Hub on Base and on your draft site.

This spreadsheet is auto-populated each day from the COVID-19 notes listed on all pages. It contains instructions for clinical editors, who can use this spreadsheet to request COVID-19 notes by indicating the ones they want in the Comments column, and uploading the file to a Dot thread against the COVID-19 Impact on Clinical Care page.

Recording partial updates in Dot – best practice

Owing to the large quantity of partial updates currently being created, we have reviewed and updated the advice for local teams in the Online Help. The key points are:

Always use a new thread when requesting a partial update. This keeps the communication clear and makes it easier to find the thread at a later date. It also means the thread can be specifically linked to the activity for more informed auditing.

Don’t reopen an old thread for the pathway or use an “open” feedback thread as:

  • multiple posts can make it difficult to see where a request for change is.
  • a specific request cannot be connected to the appropriate activity.

If you have any questions about partial updates, please talk to your lead writer.

Requesting COVID-19 CE notes in Dot – best practice

When asking to have COVID-19 CE notes added to non-COVID-19 pages, we recommend that local HealthPathways teams create a thread on the COVID-19 Impact on Clinical Care or COVID-19 Impact on Local Services page, as appropriate. In this thread, specify the other, non-COVID-19 pages you want the COVID-19 note to appear on.

Writers will create the partial update activity against the relevant COVID-19 Impact page. If the local team has created a new thread for each page containing a COVID-19 note, the writer will link these back to one activity on the relevant Impacts page.

This will reduce the number and cost of partial updates, while still making it possible to review who authorised and actioned the change.

Please advise your lead writer if you do not want us to implement this for your programme.

Changing the COVID-19 Section heading page

For many regions, the COVID-19 section page features a video and explanation of the COVID-19 response pack for end-users, but after consulting with the members of the International Content Alignment group, the Base team has decided it has outlived its usefulness for mature regions.

Base has removed the video and reformatted the table into an About drop-box. We recommend that regions align with the Base approach because:

  • The video is now out of date and, due to very low engagement rates, we’ve decided not to produce an updated version
  • The information about content ownership in the table is still available for those who are interested but the page is easier to navigate

If you would like these changes made to your COVID-19 section heading page, please talk to you lead writer.

Adding a new Reproductive Health section

Reproductive Health includes clinical guidance and request pages for populations that require fertility preservation or contraception.

Historically, these pages have been housed in the table of contents under Women’s Health and Gynaecology. However, a small but increasing proportion of this content relates to the health needs of male or transgender people. The Sexual Health section is an alternative option for this content but was not considered a good fit as this section is mostly about the management of sexually transmitted infections.

Consequently, yesterday a new Reproductive Health section was added to the top level of the table of contents in the Base HealthPathways and Canterbury Community HealthPathways sites.

If you would like this new section added to your HealthPathways website, please talk to you lead writer.

Deferring April broken links reporting into May

The Broken Links Team has been busy with working on COVID-19, and doing twice-daily checks for all links relating to the new COVID-19 response pack. We understand that the focus has been on COVID-19 work, and that time has been limited to work on normal business, and that is why the team has only received a small number of reports.

To give you all more time, we have decided to delay sending out April’s report. You will get a combined report at the end of May (like the December/January one we had at the beginning of the year). We will continue to advise on any broken links identified on any COVID-19 pages via feedback threads, so these can be addressed immediately. 

If you have any questions about the broken links report, please talk to your lead writer.

More information

If you have any questions about this update, please contact your lead writer.

If you have any feedback on the COVID-19 response package, please email your regional group clinical advisor.