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Advisory Groups Update - May 2017

Technical Integration Advisory Group

  • HealthPathways Integration Documents
  • HealthPathways Directory Implementation

Evaluation Advisory Group

  • HealthPathways Community Evaluation Ethics Application: Calling for Participating Regions
  • Evaluation Resources
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2016 in Numbers

2016 has been a big year for the HealthPathways Community. We've broken new ground in the United Kingdom, launched the HealthPathways Directory, and held another successful conference where the HealthPathways Community got a chance to see where it all started, here in Canterbury. But nothing quite underlines a year of hard work and success like raw data.

13 December 2016: Conference Outcomes

2017 Projects

  • Integrating patient information with HealthPathways
  • 2017 HealthPathways Roadshow
  • Hospital HealthPathways

Pathway Development

  • Work begins on Base HealthPathways project
  • New Style Manual to be launched in 2017

Workshop Outcomes

  • Evaluation Advisory Group: Where are you on the evaluation journey?
  • HealthPathways as a vehicle for Education and CPD points
  • eReferral, directories, and other integrations with HealthPathways

19 November 2016:
Conference Issue

  • Melbourne HealthPathways wins Judge's Award for Poster Competition\
  • Conference delegates enjoy good music, good food, and good company
  • West Coast tramping experience great way to prep for the conference
  • Greening of the Red Zone tour adds local colour to the conference
  • Keynote addresses set the tone for the 2016 HealthPathways Conference
  • Engagement a big talking point in panel discussion
  • Workshops deliver key insights for editors, admins, and managers
  • Crunching the numbers to inform better clinical decisions
  • Design Lab tour reveals heart of one system approach
  • One system innovation improving acute demand management
  • Information systems supporting integrated care
  • Drilling down into achieving whole of system change
  • Integrating patient information with HealthPathways
  • Conference Poster Competition Results

16 September 2016

  • 5 Reasons Not To MissThis Year's Conference 
  • Rain Forest or The Red Zone,Take a Tour or a Tramp
  • Coming Together on Criteria to Improve Patient Care in Queensland
  • HealthPathways Breaks Down Barriers at Sunshine Coast Symposium
  • Rapid Localisation Already Paying Off for First UK HealthPathways Team
  • HealthPathways WA Put Their Feet Up to Celebrate 150 Live Pathways
  • Nominations invited to fill 3 seatson the Technical Integration Advisory Group
  • New Hypertension Guidelines Released in Australia

21 July 2016

  • HealthPathways Conference - Register Now!
  • Shoulder Initiative Bearing Results for Canterbury
  • Andrew London Trio to entertain at the Conference Dinner
  • HealthPathways Set to Have an Impact in South Tyneside
  • Queensland HealthPathways Teams Raise the Flag at myPHN Conference
  • Collaborating with National and State-wide Healthcare Organisations
  • HealthPathways Directory Update
  • “Expand All Drop-downs” button released

16 June 2016

  • 2016 HealthPathways Conference: Program now available
  • Welcoming South Tyneside UK to the HP Community
  • Resilience Key Message at PHN Conference
  • Sydney North Symposium Heralds Bright Future
  • Interactive Push for South Western Sydney Launch
  • Long Distance Colleagues Finally Meet in Sydney
  • Queensland Coordinators Join Forces in Townsville
  • Sydney reaches 400 pathways with an Infographic Celebration!
  • HealthPathways Melbourne achieve First Class Triple Century
  • Western Victoria HealthPathways hot on the heels of Melbourne
  • Wraps coming off HealthPathways Directory in July
  • HealthPathways References to get a make over 
  • Closer ties between pathways and E-referral forms

05 May 2016

  • 2016 Conference registration now open
  • Wraps coming off HealthPathways Directory in July
  • Your Community Needs You!
  • New HealthPathways Product Road Map (log-in required)
  • Voice of Experience Adds Local Perspective
  • Western Victoria Expansion Continues
  • Positive Strides in Melbourne
  • Advisory Group Updates
  • ICYMI, We Need to Discuss Obscure Medical Acronyms and Abbreviations
  • Subscriber Updates: 3 Tips to Success

23 March 2016

  • Changing the Patient Experience: A case study for integrating health services 
  • 2016 HealthPathways Conference: 1-3 November, Christchurch, New Zealand 
  • Cairns joins the HealthPathways Community 
  • Northland HealthPathways goes live
  • Discussion: Adding evidence-based infographics to HealthPathways for shared decisionmaking
  • Blog: Why are we so bad at the basics?
  • HealthPathways Advisory Group Updates
  • Australia's immunisation requirements have changed
  • Australian TGA harmonises medicine ingredient names
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04 December 2015

  • Streamliners Writing Team capacity between Christmas and New Year
  • Northland begins the HealthPathways journey
  • Provider Directory Pilot kicks off with Hunter and New England
  • Introducing Dr Dru Norris
  • HealthPathways Milestones
  • HealthPathways Product Road Map
  • Advisory Group Updates
  • Evidence Discussion: SPRINT Study
  • RACGP and ACRRM endorsements for HealthPathways

16 October 2015

  • Western Australia launches state-wide HealthPathways website
  • Illawarra Shoalhaven HealthPathways website goes live
  • HealthPathways Provider Directory - Pilot program begins in November
  • HealthPathways Evaluation Advisory Group - Terms of Reference
  • Canterbury Health System making its mark on the world
  • Blog: Cut a Long Story Short
  • Want more GPs using HealthPathways in practice?
  • Want clinicians and GPs to avoid the hassle of logging-in?
  • New format and location for NZ Patient Information Leaflets

03 September 2015

  • Towards integrated person-centred healthcare – the Canterbury journey
  • Hunter New England HealthPathways Team wins HNE Health Excellence Awards 
  • Auckland Regional HealthPathways goes live
  • Election results for the HealthPathways Technical Integration Advisory Group (TIAG) 
  • Introducing the HealthPathways Provider Directory
  • Call for HealthPathways regions to participate in a general practice survey
  • Faster Search Function
  • Medicine alert: Risperidone - increased risk in dementia patients

28 July 2015

  • Canterbury District Health Board wins prestigious Prime Minister's award
  • HealthPathways Technical Integration Advisory Group (TIAG) launched
  • New DOT/HealthPathways Integration Features: Demonstration and Survey
  • South Western Sydney HealthPathways goes live
  • Accessing HealthPathways from Medical Director
  • PHN Changeover Updates
  • Related Cancer Pathways

12 June 2015

  • Mackay HealthPathways showcased at the Integrated Mackay HealthPathways Forum
  • Central Coast Clinical Lead, Dr Phil Godden awarded an Order of Australia
  • ACT & Southern NSW HealthPathways launched by the Minister of Health
  • HealthPathways Special Interest Group for Technical Integration
  • New search function added to all HealthPathways websites
  • FDA Drug Safety Communication: SGLT2 inhibitors for diabetes
  • PHN Changeover Updates
  • Cancer-related Pathways
04 May 2015
  • Australian reforms and Primary Health Networks
  • Canterbury DHB CEO praises HealthPathways success
  • ACT & Southern NSW HealthPathways goes live
  • Community Resources section restructured
09 April 2015

Special Edition: 2015 HealthPathways Conference

  • Conference highlights
  • Poster Competition Winners
  • Conference Downloads
  • Post-Conference Activities
13 March 2015
  • HealthPathways Conference App
  • Mackay HealthPathways Forum
  • Promoting HealthPathways in Barwon
  • Welcome aboard Illawarra Shoalhaven
20 February 2015
  • 2015 HeatlhPathways Conference Programme
  • South Western Sydney kicks off their HealthPathways journey
  • HealthPathways page width update
  • New staff join the HealthPathways Writing Team
05 February 2015
  • HealthPathways Implementation Consultancy
  • HealthPathways features in the NZ Medical Journal
  • Community Blog: Isn't a deadline a great motivator?!
22 January 2015
  • Gaining CME/CPD points for HealthPathways clinical editing
  • Central Cost joins the Century Club
  •  NHS's online information hub, The Edge
  • Community Blog: Writing Cancer pathways
IssueFeature stories
19 December 2014
  • Hunter New England releases Evaluation of HNE HealthPathways Phase 2 Report
  • HealthPathways on the Chatham Islands?
  • Northern New Zealand joins HealthPathways
  • National Health Service Directory search widget
  • Looking back on this year's achievements
03 December 2014
  • 3D HealthPathways wins Collaboration Award
  • Barwon HealthPathways celebrates 100 localised pathways
  • Eastern Melbourne goes live
  • Ebola Pathway for Australian regions
  • Welcoming Mackay HealthPathways
06 November 2014
  • New Ebola Pathway
  • HealthPathways and HealthInfo at Health-e-Homes Showcase
  • Welcoming North Coast into the Community
21 October 2014
  • Tasmanian HealthPathways Launch
  • RACGP Award Recipients
  • In Memory of Jeanette Beaumount
 09 October 2014
  • Tasmania Official Go-Live Launch
  • Allied Health Request Pages
  • Introducing the HealthPathways Technical Writers
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