Setting the Scene: Collaborating Globally for Local Impact


  • Andy Froggatt, Chief Implementation Advisor, HealthPathways Community, and Master of Ceremonies, 2018 HealthPathways Conference
  • Michael DiRienzo, Chief Executive, Hunter New England Local Health District
  • Richard Nankervis, Chief Executive, Hunter New England and Central Coast Primary Health Network 


There is always variation in the planning and delivery of health and social services from one patient to the next, and from one health district to the next. The question is how much of that variation is sensible and necessary, and how much is unnecessary and wasteful. The next question is how can we develop and leverage commonality in our health systems to improve patient services and reduce costs. The same questions apply to the multiple implementations of HealthPathways across the Community.

The 2018 HealthPathways Conference programme provides a range of sessions that aim to address the balancing act between necessary variation and efficient commonality from the perspectives of:

  • the effective operation of a health system and HealthPathways’ role in supporting it
  • running a cost effective HealthPathways work programme

In this opening presentation, Andy Froggatt, Michael DiRienzo, and Richard Nankervis will welcome you to the conference and talk about not just what this community is already achieving in improving health outcomes and the efficiency of the system that creates them, but the compelling vision of what our collaborative, global HealthPathways Community can achieve for the local communities that we serve.

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Keynote Address – Catching Dragonflies: Changing Lives by Improving Ear Health



Australian Indigenous children experience the highest levels of chronic otitis media in the world, affecting up to 70% of children in remote communities. 

Hearing loss is often caused by otitis media (middle ear disease) and significantly contributes to poor educational outcomes for children and higher unemployment rates in adults. But by working together, Dr Kelvin Kong says we can change these statistics through early intervention. 

“If we can reduce the risk of hearing loss we can have a direct impact on a child’s ability to learn and develop. The change that we see is remarkable - we can take children from limited hearing and language skills to fully functioning teenagers with real employment prospects.” 

“When we set out to change health outcomes we need to work together with community and with government. Collaboration is crucial - we need to provide the necessary support for change rather than just prescriptive measures.” 

“By working together with a community, we can address all the issues that arise from ear disease. Our job is to improve kids’ health so they can get the education they need.” 

In his keynote presentation, Dr Kong will talk about how this work is building collaborative momentum to solve ear health problems and change lives across Australia.

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What’s Next for the HealthPathways Platform?



During this plenary session you will have an opportunity to: 

  • hear latest developments to the HealthPathways platform, including an introduction to Hospital HealthPathways and a new mobile-friendly HealthPathways interface 
  • participate in a panel discussion about future directions for HealthPathways  
  • interact with a prototype of the mobile-friendly HealthPathways platform and the two live Hospital HealthPathways websites, and provide feedback. 

Feedback collected during this session will be discussed in more depth during the C1. The HealthPathways Platform – what’s new? workshops.

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Community Collaboration Stories


  • Andy Froggatt, Chief Implementation Advisor, HealthPathways Community, and Master of Ceremonies, 2018 HealthPathways Conference

The Queensland journey: Clinical Prioritisation Criteria and HealthPathways hand in hand

You will hear about the state-wide implementation of Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) across Queensland HealthPathways websites, including the journey so far, the challenges, learnings and the potential for future strategic insights.

Breaking through borders – Cultural Change Through Collaboration

You will hear about how HealthPathways Sydney and HealthPathways South Eastern Sydney, together with Sydney Local Health District, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District and St Vincent’s Hospital Network, have collaborated to form an integrated, standardised model of care for the assessment management of common substance use disorders across Sydney – translated into 5 point of care health pathways.

Collaboration in Action - Victorian Paediatric HealthPathways Project

You will hear about how the Victorian Primary Health Network Alliance (VPHNA) is working with Safer Care Victoria’s Paediatric Clinical Network, to translate statewide Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) into Australia’s first statewide paediatric HealthPathways. The pathways are evidence-based and designed for use by general practitioners to support patients with low complexity, high volume conditions.

HealthPathways as an effective tool to implement new cervical cancer screening guidelines on the national level

You will hear about how Western Australian HealthPathways team led the development of cervical cancer screening pathway for localisation by other regions that involved the coordination and integration of the renewed Australian National Guidelines for Cervical Screening released in December 2017.

Under One Roof – Service Collaboration Delivering Innovative Primary Care

You will hear Dr Milton Sales (Newcastle GP) talk about how relocation into new premises allowed for the collation of a multidisciplinary service team. You will hear from patients and their experiences of having multiple services offered all together. A locally produced film will provide a backdrop to this presentation that provides you with a glimpse of what is happening under the one roof.

New Retro-virals and HealthPathways Work Towards Eradicating Hepatitis C

You will hear Professor Josh Davis describe how Hunter New England used HealthPathways to work towards eradicating Hepatitis C.

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