HealthPathways Base Clinical Editor (UK)

The HealthPathways Community is growing and maturing and now covers over 50 health jurisdictions. We regularly look for people to work with us to ensure all members of the Community maximise the success of their HealthPathways work programme for both now, and the future.

One of the cornerstones of HealthPathways is continuous improvement of pages through community collaboration. The Base HealthPathways team are key to this improvement through:

  • curating the For Clinical Editors guidance on the Base HealthPathways site, which points clinical editors to the best versions of pages in the international HealthPathways Community.
  • deciding on clinical scope for the HealthPathways Community through the Base and Clinical Advisory Group (CAG)
  • mentoring clinical editors, particularly those developing lead region pathways
  • providing practical clinical input into the overall strategy of HealthPathways.

Base HealthPathways provide value to our communities by curating high quality content to put new members on the fast track to success and to assist all members in their review process. The Base team also provides leadership and advice for clinical editors the world over who require guidance about best practice for pathway sharing and content creation. The For Clinical Editors guidance on Base Pathways is curated by a small group of skilled clinical editors from throughout the community. Working as a team, they regularly review new or updated pages across the community, recommend good source pages, and offer advice on possible future improvements.

Seeking a Base Clinical Editor for the United Kingdom

As Streamliners continues to expand its impact in the United Kingdom we are looking for an exceptional Clinical Editor (CE) with knowledge and experience of United Kingdom health systems to join our talented team. 

The role can be carried out remotely and takes approximately four hours per week. Apart from occasional scheduled meetings, the hours can be carried out flexibly through the week. Details of the contracted rate can be provided on request.

We would love to hear from you if this role piques your interest!

Key Responsibilities

The Base HealthPathways Clinical Editor will:

  • curate the best source content from the HealthPathways Community and provide clear guidance to clinical editors on use of this content
  • respond to feedback on the Base HealthPathways site, in consultation with the Clinical Lead - Base HealthPathways
  • attend Base HealthPathways team meetings as required.

Role requirements

An experienced and effective HealthPathways clinical editor, with the capacity and ability to:

  • curate and develop high-quality clinical content
  • communicate clearly
  • build and cultivate productive working relationships
  • drive and deliver results
  • listen, understand, and adapt to feedback from the HealthPathways Community.


To apply, please respond to Faustina Paustin, faustina.paustin@streamliners.co.nz with brief responses to the following:

  1. Why would you be a good fit for the role? (with a focus on your ability to contribute a UK perspective)
  2. What do you believe are three essential requirements of a great page?
  3. What is an example of when you’ve collaborated to significantly improve a pathway page?
  4. When would you be able start?

Applications close Wednesday 23 November 2022

If you have any questions in advance about the role, please contact the Senior Base Clinical Editor, Dr Amy Litras (Amy.Litras@westvicphn.com.au).