HealthPathways Base Senior Clinical Editor

The HealthPathways Community is entering a new phase of scale and maturity, now covering 50 health jurisdictions and still growing rapidly. We regularly look for people to work with us to ensure all members of the Community maximise the success of their HealthPathways work programme for both now, and the future.

One of the cornerstones of HealthPathways is continuous improvement of pages through community collaboration.  The Base HealthPathways team are key to this improvement through:

  • curating the For Clinical Editors guidance on the Base HealthPathways site, which points clinical editors to the best versions of pages in the international HealthPathways Community.   
  • deciding on clinical scope for the HealthPathways Community through the Base and Clinical Advisory Group (CAG)
  • mentoring clinical editors, particularly those developing lead region pathways 
  • providing practical clinical input into the overall strategy of HealthPathways.

As we grow our team of Base Clinical Editors, we're now looking for a Base Senior Clinical Editor to head up the team. This role will become vacant as the incumbent, Prof. Mike Ardagh, takes on extra consulting duties within the HealthPathways Community.

Base Senior Clinical Editor

We’re currently seeking expressions of interest for this key leadership role in the HealthPathways Community. This is a great opportunity to lead a team of respected clinicians working to improve the impact of HealthPathways across the world. 

The role can be carried out remotely and will be initially contracted for eight hours per week. Apart from regular scheduled meetings, the hours can be carried out flexibly through the week. It's envisaged that as the role is required to provide more input into the strategy and development of HealthPathways, the contracted hours could increase. Streamliners is flexible, and will work through this extension with the successful candidate over time.

Streamliners also understands that it can be difficult to juggle current commitments and timing of opportunities, so is willing to work with candidates on a flexible start date. 

Key Responsibilities

Key responsibilities of the role include:


  • Drive the direction and performance of the Base CE Team
  • Oversee the ForCE notes development including providing “Go-Live” sign off
  • Coach and mentor Base Clinical Editors
  • Chair the Base HealthPathways meeting 
  • Chair the Clinical Advisory Group (CAG) meeting Chair 
  • Respond to feedback on the Base HealthPathways site, in consultation with the Base Clinical Editors

Future development

  • Work with others to further define the purpose, strategies, and future direction of:
    • Base function
    • CAG function
    • Overall platform (as part of the Platform team)
  • Develop great Lead Region Clinical Editors through mentoring
  • Develop mentoring of Clinical Editors across the community
  • Design and build the team required to achieve these goals


The successful would ideally be:

  • an experienced and respected Senior Clinical Editor
  • a great team leader with coaching and mentoring skills 
  • a skilled facilitator and chair of meetings with diverse attendees
  • a great communicator
  • able to think strategically.

The Base Senior Clinical Editor role will report to Tim Roulston, Head of Platform at Streamliners. 


If you’re interested in this role, please email Faustina Paustin faustina.paustin@streamliners.co.nz by close of business Friday 10 September, with brief responses to the following questions:

  1. Why would you be a good fit for the role?
  2. What do you believe are three essential requirements of a great HealthPathways page?
  3. What is an example of when you’ve collaborated to significantly improve a page?
  4. What do you think Streamliners could do to help clinical editors write better pathways?