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Welcoming Whanganui and MidCentral NZ to the HealthPathways Community
We welcome the combined HealthPathways Whanganui & MidCentral NZ team, who have shared 600 national pathways with local health practitioners, and are now turning their attention to the localisation process.
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HealthPathways Cardiff and Vale - 50 clinical pages live and 100 on the horizon
With 50 clinical pages live within six months of launch, the HealthPathways Cardiff and Vale team are going strong and have 100 on the horizon.
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HealthPathways West Moreton focuses on GP engagement
The HealthPathways West Moreton team shares a strong commitment to keeping local general practitioners engaged, and plans their pathway development programme with local needs in mind.
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Three cake celebration - Tasmania HealthPathways turns Five
Tasmania HealthPathways recently marked their fifth birthday and launched their mobile-friendly site in style, celebrating with no less than three cakes.
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HealthPathways Sydney celebrates 800 live pages
Being the first Australian HealthPathways team to reach 800 live pages made Christmas celebrations especially sweet for the HealthPathways Sydney team this year.
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2020 HealthPathways Conference: Call for Proposals for videos, posters, and presentations
Have you got an inspiring HealthPathways success story or learnings to share with the HealthPathways Community? We’re seeking proposals for videos, posters, and presentations to integrate into the 2020 HealthPathways Conference programme.
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HealthPathways Darling Downs wins triple at eHealth Expo eAwards
The Darling Downs Health team and HealthPathways Darling Downs scooped three e-awards at the eHealthExpo in Brisbane in June.
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HealthPathways Mackay puts the spotlight on Autism Spectrum Disorder
HealthPathways Mackay has put the spotlight on Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with the launch of a new suite of pathways and an education event for local health professionals.
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700 localised pathways for HealthPathways Melbourne
The HealthPathways Melbourne team celebrated 700 pathways in August, with the go-live of their statewide vascular pages and steady growth in local engagement.
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500 localised pathways for HealthPathways South Western Sydney
With the release of their dermatology suite of pathways, HealthPathways South Western Sydney have achieved 500 localised pathways. July also marks another milestone of 50% localised content for their HealthPathways programme.
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Great response to mobile-friendly HealthPathways
Since we launched the new mobile-friendly platform in May 2018, over 20 HealthPathways teams are now using it. Recent user research has yielded very positive feedback from clinicians.
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Working remotely no barrier to 500 pathways celebrations
Geographically dispersed working locations were no barrier for the HealthPathways Mid and North Coast NSW team, when they celebrated their 500 pathways milestone recently.
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ACT and SNSW HealthPathways reaches 500 localised pathways
In late June, ACT and SNSW HealthPathways reached 500 localised pathways and launched their mobile-friendly HealthPathways platform.
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Introducing the new HealthPathways Community and Programme Support Team
Streamliners has established a new Community and Programme Support team to help provide better support for the HealthPathways Community.
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Dr Michelle Crockett honoured with Order of Australia Medal (OAM)
The HealthPathways Community congratulates Dr Michelle Crockett on being awarded an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) in the 2019 Queen's Birthday Honours List, for her devoted service to medicine.
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