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Barwon HealthPathways celebrates 100 localised pathways

Published on 03 Dec, 2014 | Return|

In October, just one year after going live with their website, HealthPathways Barwon celebrated the milestone of 100 localised pages. HealthPathways Coordinator, Margie McLeod’s homemade triple-decker chocolate cake went down a treat for all except Michael Axtens (Clinical Editor).

Michael is currently working on the Diabetes pathways and in keeping with his current low carb philosophy was presented with a paleo bar instead. Tim Grey, Barwon's technical writer at Streamliners in Christchurch, also missed out but was sent a "virtual" slice by email.

Left to right: Sandra Grace (HealthPathways Project Officer), Kellie McDonald (Clinical Editor), Michael Axtens (Clinical Editor), Margie McLeod (HealthPathways Coordinator), Kate Barlow (Director of Clinical Services), and Jeff Urquhart (Clinical Editor).