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Queensland HealthPathways regions grow even stronger

Published on 11 Mar, 2017 | Return|

Queensland HealthPathways regional teams are going from strength to strength, with the arrival of SpotOnHealth HealthPathways to the HealthPathways Community. It brings the number of Queensland HealthPathways regions to eight.

Based in Brisbane South, SpotOnHealth HealthPathways is an initiative of the Metro South Hospital and Health Service (Metro South Health), in partnership with the Brisbane South PHN. The website will be accessible to more than 1600 general practitioners and service the needs of 1.1 million patients.

On 27 February, the SpotOnHealth HealthPathways project team took part in a two-day training event. Guided by HealthPathways Writing Team Manager, Melissa Taylor, Technical Writer, Mary Quinn, and HealthPathways Chief Clinical Editor Graham McGeoch, six project officers and eight clinical editors received hands-on intensive training on the HealthPathways format and using Dot.

“SpotOnHealth HealthPathways already has a cohesive project team who work well together and are comfortable with all the concepts, so the training moved at quite a pace,” says Melissa.

“We had several comments from the clinical editors about how HealthPathways is going to benefit them in their work as GPs. It also benefits all the other Queensland HealthPathways regions to have another partner to share their information and support.”


HealthPathways Writing Team Manager, Melissa Taylor, passing on some tips for using DOT to the SpotOnHealth HealthPathways team

SpotOnHealth Program Manager for Metro South Health, Christine McCormack, said participants found the training sessions invaluable.       

“It was great to meet Mary, our Streamliners regional group manager, who we’ll be working with. It was also wonderful to have Dr Graham McGeoch in attendance to provide such hands-on teaching and guidance to our clinical editors. The Dot system is becoming our new best friend!” 

Until now team’s work had involved adapting content from a previous product to the HealthPathways format. The team is now ready to start localising clinical pathways available from HealthPathways Community.

“We’re really looking forward to packing our HealthPathways website with localised pathways over the next two to three years,” said Christine.

The SpotOnHealth HealthPathways team are aiming to go live with HealthPathways by the middle of this year.


Left to right: Sharon Sweeney, General Manager Primary Health, Brisbane South PHN; Streamliners staff: Mary Quinn, Melissa Taylor, and Dr Graham McGeoch; Clinical editors: Dr Camilla Andrews, Dr Jim Griffin, Dr Azima Portelli, Dr Natalie See, Dr Peter Adkins (also adviser to the PHN), and Dr Clare Seligmann; Michael Copestake, Brisbane South PHN; Clinical editors: Dr Vincent Lee and Dr Tim Copland; Christine McCormack, SpotOnHealth Program Manager, Metro South Health.