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Looking back at 2014

Published on 22 Dec, 2014 | Return|

2014 has been one of huge growth for the HealthPathways community.

Our community now includes 23 HealthPathways regions located across Australia and New Zealand, delivering health services to an estimated 15 million people.

We’d like to congratulate members of the HealthPathways Community on all they’ve achieved this year:

  • 8 new regions began their HealthPathways journey in 2014. 
  • 9 other regions launched their live sites.
  • 96 new clinical pathways were developed across the community.
  • 137 clinical pathways were partially updated (changes made between formal reviews).
  • 176 clinical pathways were reviewed and updated.
  • 1,252 clinical pathways, resources, and request pages were localised across all regions.
  • 13,205 feedback items were created in the HealthPathways Admin system (DOT), of which 9,424 have been actioned and completed so far.

All this work also mirrors the growth of our community:

  • The Streamliners HealthPathways and HealthInfo Team almost doubled this year, expanding from 11 to 18 staff, with 2 more technical writers joining the team in February 2015.
  • The HealthPathways Admin system (DOT) now lists 93 people involved in local HP Administration Teams, as well as 83 Clinical Editors and 12 Clinical Facilitators.
  • Membership of the HealthPathways Community website has swelled to nearly 230.