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HealthPathways set to link rural regions in Northern Territory

Published on 10 May, 2017 | Return|

Three days of practical workshops and training spread between Darwin and Alice Springs marked the launch of Northern Territory HealthPathways.

The workshops focused on high-level planning and strategy to enable HealthPathways to integrate smoothly alongside local service providers.

The Northern Territory catchment covers 1.3 million square kilometres, from Yulara in the south to Darwin in the north. It is sparsely populated with only 245,000 people, including a significant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island population.

Health Network Northern Territory Health Integration Coordinator, Trudy Allpike says the Northern Territory health system is particularly unique – it’s home to five internal ‘regions’ and a mix of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services, Government hospitals, remote primary care centres, and private general practices.

“Because the region covers such a large area, we require well-honed, coordinated health services with strong links to community GPs and hospitals,” says Trudy.

She’s looking forward to seeing how HealthPathways can work alongside local service providers to bring isolated regions together.

“It was great for me to see attendees connecting from one session to the next and discussing the benefits of HealthPathways,” says Trudy.

Executive Manager, Clinical, Tamsin Cockayne attended the workshops in Darwin and was impressed by the level of local engagement.

“It was really exciting to see so much enthusiasm and eagerness to move forward and collaborate.”

HealthPathways Clinical Lead, Dana Fitzsimmons shares her enthusiasm.

“The practical training was a real highlight, and our clinical editors were eager jump in to their allotted pathways. We have some exciting work ahead,” says Dana.

HealthPathways Writing Team Manager, Melissa Taylor was really impressed by the commitment to making a positive difference across the region.

“The Northern Territory regional team are really keen to get stuck in and get the HealthPathways ball rolling. I was pleased to hear that many clinicians spend time volunteering and working over and above in their local communities.”

Mackay HealthPathways Coordinator, Toni Simmons describes Mackay's HealthPathways journey
to participants at the Northern Territory symposiums.