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NSW HealthPathways regions showcase at the GPCE Conference

Published on 27 May, 2017 | Return|

The NSW HealthPathways teams came together on 19-21 May at the General Practice Conference and Exhibition (GPCE) in Sydney to promote the use of HealthPathways to general practitioners and and practice teams.

A new statewide brand, HealthPathways NSW, was created for marketing purposes and used of a range of promotional materials. Each of the teams shared the costs and staffing requirements to run a corner booth over the three-day conference. Based on the region in which the GP practiced, live demonstrations were provided and region-specific information as well as statewide promotional material was handed out.

In addition to promoting HealthPathways to hundreds of GPs across NSW and neighbouring states, the three day conference enabled various HealthPathways regional team members to catch-up’and share their thoughts and ideas. They also took the opportunity to network with key stakeholders, including clinical management software vendors, Cancer Institute NSW, and NPS Medicine.

The feedback from participants was positive and discussions about future collaboration at statewide events is already underway. By coming together as a state and sharing ideas, costs, and staffing, the HealthPathways NSW booth proved to be a cost effective approach to promoting HealthPathways to hundreds of GPs at one time.


Western Sydney HealthPathways & Partnerships Manager, Luke Smith tending the HealthPathways NSW booth during the GPCE conference.