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South Australia begins their HealthPathways journey

Published on 23 Aug, 2017 | Return|

Adelaide’s Crowne Plaza was recently host to over one hundred health professionals, coming together to mark the beginning of South Australia’s HealthPathways journey.

The symposium held on 17 July provided an opportunity to introduce the newly-formed South Australia HealthPathways team, whilst showcasing the achievements of New Zealand and Western Australia HealthPathways.


Andy Froggatt (Chief HealthPathways Implementation Advisor) talking about
the impact of HealthPathways on health systems in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom

Individual members of the team will be based across the partner sites – SA Health, Adelaide PHN, and Country SA PHN – but will work closely together to connect with clinicians and stakeholders across the primary and acute health sector.

Dr Sue Jackson, GP Clinical Editor HealthPathways Western Australia, was eager to stress the benefits of HealthPathways as a tool for building positive relationships.

“HealthPathways is all about connections – every meeting and training session brings people together and has a profound effect on the decision-making process,” says Sue.

Dr Jon Shenfine, Central Adelaide Local Health Network, agrees.

“I think the main thing is it’s inclusive, not exclusive – we’re trying to build community between primary health care and secondary healthcare.”

Dr Helena Williams, GP Clinical Editor HealthPathways South Australia, says she is most excited about improving the quality of patient care across the region.

“Honestly, it’s the best thing I’ve ever seen in terms of enabling GPs to access the information they need to make the most appropriate referrals for the most appropriate service for their patients”


South Australia HealthPathways' GP Clinical Editors, Dr Chris Moy, Dr Helena Williams, and Dr Muazzam Rifat.

Andy Froggatt, Chief HealthPathways Implementation Advisor, was impressed to see South Australia working hard behind-the-scenes.

“South Australia are one of the best-prepared regions that I’ve worked with so far – they have a clear vision for improving the whole healthcare system which was really inspiring to see,” says Andy.

Melissa Taylor, HealthPathways Writing Team Manager, provided training to the Clinical Editors and was quick to pick up on the enthusiasm for HealthPathways amongst the team.

“One of the new Clinical Editors attended a meeting at the hospital before our training. She came in absolutely fizzing. A neurologist at her meeting had been to the launch presentation and was bouncing with enthusiasm. It was a great start to the training.”

The South Australia HealthPathways team are busy working alongside Streamliners to localise pathways with a view to launch the South Australia HealthPathways website in February 2018.


The South Australia HealthPathways team attending a training session facilitated by Dr Graham McGeoch (Chief Clinical Editor - HealthPathways Community) and Melissa Taylor (HealthPathways Writing Team Manager, Streamliners)