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A Masterclass in Educating Educators!

Published on 14 Sep, 2017 | Return|

At the Australian National GP Medical Educators conference in Sydney in August, Dr Hilton Koppe gave a true masterclass in GP education.

Hilton is a senior clinical editor in the Mid and North Coast HealthPathways team, The title of his session on Friday 18 August was ‘HealthPathways – an elegant solution to many, many problems in medical education’. His audience were a large group of GP supervisors and medical educators, most of whom had heard of HealthPathways, but few who were actively using it.


Dr Hilton Koppe, Senior Clinical Editor, Mid and North Coast HealthPathways

After a brief introduction to HealthPathways, Hilton had the group captivated. They were actively answering clinical questions and competing to be the fastest to find the answers in their local HealthPathways website, admitting to their mistakes, disappearing down pathway rabbit holes, only to be dragged back out by their guide. Remarkably, they seemed to be having an immensely enjoyable time whilst learning!

The result was a group of senior GPs acting like happy kids at Christmas. It’s difficult to determine whether this was due purely to the pleasure of Hilton’s presentation or to the discovery that HealthPathways will make their educator roles easier and more enjoyable. Before leaving the session, they had even developed some practical educational applications to use with their registrars.

Overall, the session was a huge success. Congratulations and thanks to Hilton from the HealthPathways Community.

If you’d like some advice or assistance planning and delivering HealthPathways focused education events, email Hilton at hkoppe@ncphn.org.au