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New Education Opportunity for Clinical Editors at this Year’s Conference

Published on 19 Apr, 2018 | Return|

As key agents of change in the health sector, HealthPathways clinical editors are already demonstrating informal and collaborative leadership. Many do not actually see themselves as leaders and unconsciously develop leadership skills through the challenges of their role.

This year’s HealthPathways Conference provides an exciting new education opportunity that supports clinical editors in developing and acknowledging their leadership skills and capabilities.

The GP Clinical Editors and Leadership Conference Learning Module explores the role of the clinical editor as a change leader, supported by the HealthPathways Community and tools.

“It’s not easy for clinical editors to access continuing education relevant to this new role in general practice and we thought this was a perfect opportunity for a really different education activity,” says Dr Louise Delaney, Clinical Editor, Illawarra Shoalhaven HealthPathways and NSW Regional Group Clinical Advisor.

“We plan to have a light-hearted and intriguing exploration of the clinical editor role in this context.”

Dr Graham McGeoch, Chief Clinical Editor – HealthPathways Community agrees: "Leading change and collaboration in health systems is key for clinical editors. This will be a great opportunity to learn together how to apply our leadership skills to the benefit of our patients and communities."

Designed to provide both big picture inspiration and practical tools for day-to-day engagement, the module will explore:

  • personal narrative
  • defining leadership
  • considered risk taking and questioning the status quo
  • practical skills for planning presentations, collaboration and time management.

This focused and inspiring free module will empower clinical editors in leadership towards integrated health. In the context of a deeper understanding of both leadership competencies and potential personal impediments, the programme will also provide participants with specific and relevant work-based skills. Leadership within and across teams, collaboration, personal workload management, and leadership in HealthPathways projects will all be explored.

The total time investment for this module, including time spent in conference sessions, is estimated at 10 hours.

Conference Learning Module Requirements

Requirements for GP Clinical Editors and Leadership include:

1. Pre-Conference Activity (approx. 1 hour)

Read four thought provoking articles on leadership in the general practice environment and complete a brief anonymous questionnaire.

2. Conference Session Attendance (minimum 6 hours)

Attend conference sessions identified as relevant to clinical leadership. This requirement can be met by attending at least one of the first two days of conference. Obviously there’s a lot more to gain in your leadership inspiration if you can attend the whole conference.

3. Post-Conference Activity (approx. 2-3 hours)

Watch a 1-hour webinar, post a comment on the Clinical Editors Forum, and answer a short questionnaire.


The GP Clinical Editors and Leadership Conference Learning Module for clinical editors is accredited by both the RACGP and ACRRM (RCGP application will be made if UK clinical editors are interested).

  • ACRRM accredited for 30 PRPD points
  • RACGP accredited for 40 Cat 1 points
  • RNZCGP endorsement pending for CME points: 1 point per learning hour

For those clinical editors who choose to attend the conference but not complete the learning module, an application has been made to RACGP for Cat 2 points and ACRRM for CME points.

To see the full details, go to the Conference Learning Module on the HealthPathways Community website.

If you have any questions, please email Louise Delaney on hp@louisedelaney.com.au