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HealthPathways helps overcome challenges for patients and GPs in the Northern Territory

Published on 25 Jun, 2018 | Return|

HealthPathways Northern Territory is now helping overcome the challenges of distance and diversity in this expansive region, supporting improved patient journeys and helping to guide health professionals through the Territory’s complex health system.

Speaking in Darwin at the 31 May launch, Dr Andrew Bell, Chair of Northern Territory PHN’s Board said, “I’m proud of NT PHN for leading a collaborative team to localise the national HealthPathways for the NT. We’ve worked closely with tertiary, primary and allied health care providers to ensure each Pathway is practical and relevant across the health sector, while evidence-based and consistent with existing NT policy.”

“I’m excited to see how Northern Territory HealthPathways can support health professionals and improve patient journeys in the NT in years to come," he added.


Celebrating the launch of HealthPathways Northern Territory in Darwin on 31 May are (L-R) Professor Catherine Stoddart, Dr Charles Pain, Dr Andrew Bell, Dr Tamsin Cockayne, Nicki Herriot and Erin Lew Fatt of Northern Territory PHN.


Members of the Northern Territory PHN HealthPathways team at the launch on 31 May (L to R), Dr Tamsin Cockayne, hidden Kathy Garran, Lulu Wakelin, Tasha Robertson, Kate Lloyd, and Dana Fitzsimmons.

Professor Catherine Stoddart, Chief Executive Officer of the Northern Territory Department of Health explained, “I’m also pleased with how this project has progressed so collaboratively, with partners from across the NT. It is increasingly important that all arms of the NT health sector work together to embrace tools like HealthPathways. It’s only through true collaboration that we can close gaps in health service delivery and use our healthcare resources to improve the health and patient journeys of Territorians."

The Northern Territory team did an amazing job to launch their project despite the geographic diversity involved, says Streamliners HealthPathways Lead Writer Graeme Fraser.

“Lulu Wakelin, NT HealthPathways Coordinator and Dana Fitzsimmons, Clinical Lead, worked incredibly hard with a very large team of clinical editors working across multiple different areas and juggling different work schedules. In addition to this, they managed to bring the launch project together through a time of significant change in their local health authority.”

In the coming months, Northern Territory HealthPathways will be populated with increasing numbers of NT-specific pathways, and introduced into clinics territory-wide.

The development of Northern Territory HealthPathways was led by the Northern Territory PHN with funding from the Australian Government.