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Auckland HealthPathways team celebrates third anniversary and programme milestones

Published on 13 Nov, 2018 | Return|


Celebrating From left: Kate Moodabe (GM Total HealthCare PHO), Sarah Hyder (Regional Nurse Advisor POAC), Dr Sara Rishworth (Palliative Care Specialist, Mercy Hospice), John Ross (Comprehensive Care PHO, CEO), Dr Christine McIntosh (CE),  Dr Helen Liley (Lead CE), Dr Karen Chung (CE), Catherine Turner (Programme Manager), Edith Padavatan (Service Delivery Manager), Melinda Ioane (Project Coordinator), Dr Andre George (CE), Sally Maritz (Practice Nurse Advisor, ProCare ) and Dr Stuart Jenkins (Clinical Director Primary Care, WDHB)


With over 1.5 million page views and more than 300 localised clinical pathways, the Auckland Regional HealthPathways team had a lot to celebrate at their recent third anniversary party.

“With so many key programme milestones achieved, it was great to celebrate our success with members of the wider team, both past and present,” says Catherine Turner, Programme Manager for the Primary Care Work Programme, Greater Auckland.

“Auckland Regional HealthPathways current success is the result of lots of hard work and passion from the programme team including our clinical editors, and supported by consumer representatives, operational and steering groups, governance, and funders,” she said.

A relaxed and pleasant celebration was held over lunch with representation from District Health Boards (DHB), Primary Health Organisations (PHO’s) and other key stakeholders, alongside past and present team members and subject matter experts. 

Achievements celebrated by the team include more than 5,000 users accessing Auckland Regional HealthPathways per month, over 1.5 million page views to date, over 333,000 user sessions, and more than 300 localised clinical pathways.

As a subject matter expert in Palliative Care, Sara Rishworth explains, “HealthPathways has helped so much in finding common ground on clinical practice where there are historical differences – a great process as well as outcome.”

“These changes will benefit the patient, clinicians and the local health system”, she says.

“Auckland Regional HealthPathways will continue to be an enabler that will assist in achieving the strategic priorities for the metro Auckland area.”

Looking forward

As the team focus on continuing this strong momentum into future years, their forward goals include:

  • addressing equity
  • supporting workforce development
  • encouraging the involvement and participation of consumers
  • collaborating nationally
  • increasing user engagement
  • aligning with regional priorities
  • continuing their commitment to localisation alongside the maintenance and review process
Solid support

Local HealthPathways users across a number of different roles are very supportive of what Auckland Regional HealthPathways offers both healthcare professionals, and the patients in their care. The following quotes are just a sample of the feedback received by the team, says Catherine.


“Auckland Regional HealthPathways – a pot of gold at the end of the clinical rainbow.”


PHO Clinical Director


“HealthPathways is my go-to whenever I have a clinical question and it’s great to know it represents current best practice for our local region.”


General Practitioner


“An invaluable resource. I’m sure it is increasing quality of care across the region. I couldn’t do without them now.”

Urgent Care Dr


“HealthPathways is a great resource for general practice, enabling best practice.”


General Practitioner


“I have loved seeing the growth of HealthPathways in my 3 years on the committee. ProCare has embraced HealthPathways to our 180 practices.”

Practice Nurse Advisor


“I have a vision that every new funded medicine and procedure will link to a HealthPathway.”


Clinical Change Facilitator


“A wonderful resource to help new GPs and PNs feel confident, supported and able to access evidence-based information at the time they need it.”

PHO General Manager


“HealthPathways is a great success; helping to add value to value, making smart people smarter and making the patient journey better.”

PHO Chief Executive Officer

Want to know more?
  • To find out more about how the Auckland HealthPathways team have achieved such great milestones on their HealthPathways journey, contact Catherine Turner, Programme Manager for the Primary Care Work Programme, Greater Auckland, catherine.turner@middlemore.co.nz


Current and past development team From left Dr Christine McIntosh (CE), Sarah Hyder (former Development Lead), Dr Janine Bycroft (former CE), Dr Helen Liley (Lead CE), Dr Karen Chung (CE), Dr Andre George (CE), Edith Padavatan (Service Delivery Manager)


Current Clinical Editors From left Dr Christine McIntosh (CE), Dr Helen Liley (Lead CE), Dr Karen Chung (CE) and Dr Andre George (CE)


The Auckland Regional HealthPathways team would also like to acknowledge other attendees and Dr Charlotte Harris (Clinical Lead), who is not in the pictures and a special mention of our former Clinical Editors who were unable to attend; Dr Radhika Moonesinghe and Dr Michael Courtenay.