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Introducing the new HealthPathways Community and Programme Support Team

Published on 08 Jul, 2019 | Return|

As the global HealthPathways Community continues to mature, Streamliners is investing further in helping customers achieve the goals you seek from your HealthPathways implementation.

We’ve recently made some changes focused around increased support for your HealthPathways teams and pathway development programmes. We’ve established a new team called Community and Programme Support, made some role changes, and appointed a new team member.

Gary Ng - Manager, Community and Programme Support


Gary joined Streamliners in October. In addition to organising the Regional Forums, Gary is currently focused on improving the resources and processes to support HealthPathways regions to implement successful programmes. Gary’s team includes Jo and Matt.

Before joining Streamliners, Gary was the Operations Manager for the Canterbury Initiative, where he managed the operation of the Canterbury HealthPathways work programme, and helped develop services at the interface between primary and secondary care.

Matt Sinclair– Community Success Manager

MattMatt joined Streamliners in May 2015 as a project manager working with the HealthPathways writing team. His background is in customer experience, project management, and client relationship management (CRM) systems. Growth in the team means that Matt can now focus fully on supporting HealthPathways teams based in ACT, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Jo Richardson – Community Success Manager

jo-richardsonA recent addition to the team, Jo is an experienced account manager and project manager with an extensive background in customer service delivery. Jo will be working with Matt to support HealthPathways teams with their pathway development programmes, and looks forward to getting to know teams based in New Zealand, Northern Territory, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia.

Mark Girvan – Programme Manager and Community Success Manager (UK)

Mark-GAs part of our partnership with the North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS), Mark focuses on implementation and service delivery for HealthPathways teams based in the United Kingdom. He’s also the HealthPathways Programme Manager for North Cumbria and South Tyneside.

Change of role for Andy Froggatt

Andy_FroggattAndy, who works closely with Gary’s team, has recently changed role to Director, Strategic Partnerships. He’s now focusing on state and national engagement in HealthPathways, and is also responsible for following up interest in both Community and Hospital HealthPathways in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

Queries and Support

For day to day writing work, your key contacts in HealthPathways are still your lead writer and RGM.

For planning pathway work as a lead region, or other pathway workload sharing, contact your regional clinical advisor.

For any other relationship or support issues, please contact either Matt, Jo, Mark, or Gary. This could include support in areas such as:

  • concerns or dissatisfaction
  • contractual matters
  • invoices, fees, or annual budgeting
  • programme governance
  • user engagement
  • use of HealthPathways by other regions or external organisations.

We’re committed to helping you realise the value of your local HealthPathways programmes, and Jo and Matt will be in touch with all HealthPathways teams over the next two months. Please feel free to make contact at any time if you have any questions, or would like to talk about your programme.