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New staff join the HealthPathways Community and Programme Support team

Published on 21 Apr, 2020 | Return|

Streamliners continues to help the HealthPathways Community to achieve the goals they seek from HealthPathways implementations.

Since introducing the team in July 2019, we’ve appointed two new team members:

Emma Richards - Community Success Manager 
Emma who has replaced Jo Richardson, is an experienced customer manager and account manager, with an extensive background in customer service delivery. She looks forward to getting to know her new customers in Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, South Australia, Northern Territory, the United Kingdom, and New Zealand. 

Dr Simon Parsons – Research and Evaluation Hub Manager 
Prior to taking on this role, Simon was a technical writer for the Queensland HealthPathways writing team. Before joining Streamliners and after earning his PhD, Simon spent several years as a lecturer and researcher at the University of Canterbury, and collaborated with other researchers around the world. 

Simon is establishing the new Research and Evaluation Hub. Since starting he has completed a stocktake of previous research and has created a publications database for the HealthPathways Community.

Simon’s role is guided by the Research and Evaluation Steering Committee, which is comprised of members of the HealthPathways Community and Streamliners. If you are considering any research or evaluation or would like more information on articles and case studies, please feel free to contact Simon

Queries and Support

For day to day writing work, your key contacts in HealthPathways are your lead writer and RGM. 

For planning pathway work as a lead region, or other pathway workload sharing, contact your Regional Clinical Advisor

For any other relationship or support issues, please contact either Matt Sinclair or Emma Richards. This could include support in areas such as:

  • user engagement
  • contractual matters
  • concerns or dissatisfaction
  • invoices, fees, or annual budgeting
  • programme governance
  • use of HealthPathways by other regions or external organisations.

The Community and Programme Support team is committed to helping you realise the benefits of your local HealthPathways programmes.

Please contact us at any time if you have any questions, or would like to talk about your HealthPathways programme.