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HealthPathways receives praise in Australian government webinar for its COVID-19 response

Published on 28 Apr, 2020 | Return|

In a webinar held on Thursday 23 April by the Australian Department of Health, HealthPathways was praised for being “the clearest place to get everything you want” about managing patients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The "COVID-19 response update for GPs focusing on home care" webinar is part of a series to update general practitioners on the Australian Government’s COVID-19 response. A panel of experts provided an update, addressed the topic of GPs and home care, as well as answered participants’ questions.

The panel included:

  • Professor Michael Kidd, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Australian Department of Health
  • Dr Jenny Firman, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Department of Health and Chief Health Officer, Department of Veterans’ Affairs
  • Dr Tanya Robertson, local Canberra GP who provides home care visits, as well as telehealth and face-to-face consultations

To view the webinar, go to COVID-19 response update for GPs focusing on home care.

At 27:22 minutes, you’ll find:

Professor Michael Kidd:

“What are you finding as the source of advice that you go to as a general practitioner? You don't have to say “health.gov.au” to make us feel happy, but where are you going?”

Dr Tanya Robertson:

“I go to HealthPathways. And I think HealthPathways should be commended for having very, very clear messaging, very clear links, and goes anywhere from even dated updates of changes and information, information about hydroxychloroquine, information about… frequently asked questions about ace inhibitors, etcetera, and all the links to Department of Health, to college-based guidelines, and particularly around leaving from isolation. It does go to appropriate links for that.

So there’s some really clear guidance. And they're localised around regions so it makes it very good in terms of testing centres etc. I mean the college put out a lot, the AMA put out a lot. It is almost too much information and too many websites, actually, but I actually think HealthPathways is the clearest place to get everything you want.”

More information

For more information about the HealthPathways COVID-19 response package, see the latest COVID-19 response updates.

To view your local HealthPathways COVID-19 pages and resources, email the appropriate HealthPathways team with a request for access.