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HealthPathways Implementation Consultancy

Published on 05 Feb, 2015 | Return|

The HealthPathways Community has grown rapidly in recent years and shows every likelihood of continuing that trend. The team from Canterbury District Health Board and Streamliners provide a defined range of start-up and on-going training and support services to Community members. However, some members may need or want greater assistance than others.

JuanitaTo meet that need, Juanita Gibson is moving from her current role as Manager of HealthPathways at Streamliners, to become an independent consultant offering extra support and expertise in pathway development, implementation, maintenance, and review, over and above the standard package provided by Streamliners. Juanita starts her new role from 02 March 2015 but will also continue to provide business and product development services to the team at Streamliners.

It is envisaged that over time we will establish a pool of accredited HealthPathways consultants. As part of Juanita’s piloting the concept, we will gather and develop accreditation processes and standards, and share information on the future programme over the coming months.

Juanita can be contacted at Juanita@healthpathwayscommunity.org