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Evaluation framework – new resources for the HealthPathways Community

Published on 31 Mar, 2021 | Return|

In April last year we let you know about the launch of the HealthPathways Research and Evaluation Hub.

Since then, Research and Evaluation Manager Simon Parsons has developed more resources for HealthPathways programme managers, coordinators, or researchers looking to undertake research and evaluation within a HealthPathways programme.

Evaluation framework

We’re excited to announce that the HealthPathways Research and Evaluation Hub now includes an evaluation framework to further support local HealthPathways teams. 

The new evaluation framework has been informed by previous HealthPathways evaluations and input from local teams across the HealthPathways Community. We appreciate the valuable input we have received.

The Evaluation Framework offers a starting point for your evaluation of your HealthPathways programme, with a broad selection of adaptable approaches you can work with to meet your needs. These include basic evaluation frameworks you can use as building blocks for an evaluation plan, and sample evaluation plans

Research and Evaluation Hub – 2020 Annual Report

The 2020 Research and Evaluation Hub Annual Report is now also available on the HealthPathways Research and Evaluation Hub. It summarises the activity of the Hub during its first year of operation from 25 November 2019 to 25 November 2020, and outlines the focus for 2021.

Find out more

For more information:

  • Visit the HealthPathways Research and Evaluation Hub.
  • Contact Simon Parsons, Research and Evaluation Manager, if you:
    • have questions about the evaluation framework, or the Annual Report
    • would like support to develop research and evaluation ideas
    • have information on resources to be considered for inclusion on the Hub.