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Recruiting senior roles to take the HealthPathways Community to the next level

Published on 29 Oct, 2021 | Return|
From Ian Anderson, CEO of Streamliners

The HealthPathways Community has grown considerably in size and maturity in recent years. There are now 55 implementations of Community and Hospital HealthPathways covering 30 million people, across New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. National and state governments are increasingly seeing the HealthPathways Community as a partner for getting new evidence into practice at scale. 

They and we are also looking at user engagement with HealthPathways across the Community, and seeing huge variation. If all HealthPathways implementations were getting the level of user engagement achieved by top performing regions, HealthPathways would be referred to millions of times more per annum than it is at present. The higher the user engagement in HealthPathways, the more effective it is as a tool for supporting higher quality health care and more efficient health system performance.
Streamliners is now recruiting two senior roles to help take the HealthPathways Community to the next level.

Director of International Growth and Partnerships

A key part of this role is to ensure national and state governments understand the role of HealthPathways in their systems, and the importance of balancing their goals with local reality, ownership and autonomy. The role is being advertised in New Zealand and Australia:

HealthPathways Optimisation Service Lead

The purpose of this role is to build and lead a service that works with health systems to optimise the effectiveness and value of HealthPathways in meeting their health service improvement and integration. The role is being advertised in New Zealand and Australia:

If you know anyone who’d be suitable for either role, please encourage them to look at the ads.