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Team changes to support the HealthPathways Community

Published on 13 Oct, 2022 | Return|

We’re making some internal Streamliners team changes to provide the capacity and capability to support members. The changes will help community members to deliver on the value and opportunity that HealthPathways programmes provide to health systems and local populations.

Scaling for growth and maturity

As the community grows and matures, needs are becoming more defined and complex. Our goal is to support members as effectively as possible, however, over the last few years operating ‘lean’ has restricted our ability to be as effective in some areas as we would like to be. 

Many members are already realising tangible benefits in working collaboratively with government funders and policymakers. We want to be in a position to support more members in this area, while at the same time increasing engagement with members and their health system leaders to better inform platform and service development. 

Currently, in addition to the Streamliners writing team and Regional Group Clinical Advisors, local HealthPathways teams are supported by community success managers and pathway sharing advisors.

Extending this team to include the functions of clinical leadership, community success, collaborative programmes, establishment and optimisation, strategic partnerships, and community growth will enable us to provide better support across all functions. 

The new Community Partnerships, Success, and Growth team will be led by Erin Wilmshurst, who joined Streamliners in March of this year as Director, Community Growth and Strategic Partnerships. Gary Ng, who has been leading the Community Success team until now, will gradually transition into his new role as Chief Financial Officer for Streamliners towards the end of the year.

The new Community Partnerships, Success, and Growth team will incorporate both new and existing roles. New positions will be filled gradually over the coming months.

We’re currently advertising three positions, and encourage expressions of interest from community members. Please share these links with anyone you think who might be a good fit. We’ll also reach out through other networks, such as the HealthPathways regional forums.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about this update, please contact recruitment@streamliners.co.nz, Gary Ng, or Erin Wilmshurst.