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The value and impact of HealthPathways in the COVID-19 response

Published on 20 Sep, 2023 | Return|

HealthPathways played an essential role in helping local health systems to get COVID-19 policy into practice across New Zealand and Australia.

Streamliners has commissioned expert advisory firm Sapere to do a case study on the role that HealthPathways played in New South Wales and New Zealand during the COVID-19 response.

Sapere interviewed thirty-three health system leaders, clinical editors, and programme team members from New South Wales and New Zealand and reviewed HealthPathways usage data.

The key findings were that HealthPathways:

  • enabled the rapid implementation of COVID-19 policies into practice
  • facilitated integration of government and local responses 
  • served as an effective channel for feedback from frontline clinicians to inform policy
  • enabled equity by supporting necessary local variation and reducing unwarranted variation
  • provided frontline clinicians with reliable, trusted, and updated information in a rapidly changing environment.

The report may be useful to HealthPathways Community members when advocating for the value of HealthPathways in your local system. View the full report on the HealthPathways Research & Evaluation Hub. 

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