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Clinical Editors as Clinical Leaders: Exploring the role of the clinical editor as a leader
What makes a leader? At the 2018 HealthPathways Conference in Newcastle, Dr Louise Delaney points out that when GPs step up to do something that needs to be done, this “accidental leadership” is enabling significant change. The “Clinical Editors as Clinical Leaders” workshop has been running today and yesterday and is linked to the Conference Learning Module for Clinical Editors.
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Five HealthPathways Regional Group Clinical Advisors Now Appointed
We’re delighted to announce the appointment of five Regional Group Clinical Advisors to provide extra leadership and support within their HealthPathways regional groups across New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom.
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Try Out the New Mobile-friendly HealthPathways Platform at the HealthPathways Conference
Don't miss the opportunity to try out a working prototype of the new mobile-friendly HealthPathways platform at this year’s 2018 HealthPathways Conference.
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Don’t Miss This Year’s Conference Keynote Address: Catching Dragonflies
Don’t miss hearing Dr Kelvin Kong speak about changing lives through solving ear health problems, working with Australian Indigenous children in the Hunter New England Health system.
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New Education Opportunity for Clinical Editors at this Year’s Conference
This year’s HealthPathways Conference provides an exciting new education opportunity that supports clinical editors in developing and acknowledging their leadership skills and capabilities. The GP Clinical Editors and Leadership Conference Learning Module explores the role of the clinical editor as a change leader.
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South Tyneside hits 100,000 page views in 18 months
South Tyneside, the first health jurisdiction in the United Kingdom to join the HealthPathways Community, has recently hit another exciting milestone, achieving 100,000 page views just 18 months after launch, within a regional population of only 153,000.
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New National Health Service (NHS) and Canterbury Health System partnership to benefit patients
CDHB CEO, David Meates talks about how the NHS North of England Commissioning Support (NECS) is teaming up with health sector experts from the Canterbury Health System to support new care models in England.
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South Tyneside HealthPathways celebrates its first year
The South Tyneside HealthPathways team recently celebrated its first year with a workshop attended by health system representatives from across primary and secondary care, many of whom had directly contributed to pathway development.
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HealthPathways Western Australia celebrates 300 pathways
August ended on a high note for the HealthPathways Western Australia team who celebrated completing their 300th pathway. They also recently collaborated with the metropolitan Local Area Health Services and Central Referral Services to successfully review, agree, and document referral criteria for seven common ENT conditions.
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A Masterclass in Educating Educators!
At the Australian National GP Medical Educators conference in Sydney in August, Dr Hilton Koppe gave a true masterclass in GP education.
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HealthPathways in the United Kingdom and a latest King’s Fund Report
HealthPathways Chief Implementation Advisor, Andy Froggatt spends quite a bit of his time talking to health care influencers around the world about how HealthPathways can help to transform their health systems. In his latest update, Andy provides an overview of emerging developments within the UK health system and highlights messages from the latest King’s Fund report which focuses on lessons learnt from transforming Canterbury’s health system.
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South Australia begins their HealthPathways journey
Recently over 100 health professionals came together to mark the beginning of South Australia’s HealthPathways journey. The symposium held on 17 July provided an opportunity to introduce the newly-formed South Australia HealthPathways team, whilst showcasing the achievements of New Zealand and Western Australia HealthPathways.
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Dr Louise Delaney appointed NSW Regional Clinical Advisor
Streamliners is keen to further develop its capacity by more effectively utilising the skills and knowledge of experienced HealthPathways Community members. With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that Dr Louise Delaney has been appointed NSW Regional Clinical Advisor.
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HealthPathways now available to GPs in Brisbane North, Central Queensland, and Wide Bay
HealthPathways in Australia continues to grow from strength-to-strength with Brisbane North, Central Queensland, and Wide Bay recently celebrating the launch of their HealthPathways websites.
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NSW HealthPathways regions showcase at the GPCE Conference
The NSW HealthPathways teams came together on 19-21 May at the General Practice Conference and Exhibition (GPCE) in Sydney to promote the use of HealthPathways to general practitioners and and practice teams.
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