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Meet Dr Fiona Coyle, our HealthPathways Community Support Coordinator

As you are well aware, our community is thriving with the input of energy and enthusiasm from teams across Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We are starting to collaborate on projects, interact with government and expert organisations, and are constantly finding better ways to support each other through gatherings and virtual meetings and forums. This is a busy space.

Enter Fiona...

The Streamliners team have brought in Dr Fiona Coyle as a great resource in our community collaboration. She is a social scientist with a PhD in health geography, additional training in project management, facilitation skills, stakeholder engagement, conflict resolution and counselling, and quite a list of research initiatives and publications around public perceptions of technology and science in complex systems. She comes to us as a proven researcher, innovator, and presenter as well as avid adventurer, swimmer, cyclist, African drummer, dancer, and meditator.

Fiona is filling the newly established position of HealthPathways Community Support Coordinator with a chief aim of maximising the effectiveness of our community collaboration. She will coordinate a range of cross-community collaborative projects, ensuring they fit into the bigger picture, and be a great resource for the regional collective groups. She will be available to support state and country group meetings, and to coordinate and progress initiatives that arise to help develop HealthPathways in our regions.

If you have any questions about her new role, feel free to introduce yourself to Fiona by emailling