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Have you got a great story about collaboration across health systems?

The theme of the next HealthPathways Conference is Collaborating Globally for Local Impact

There is always variation in the planning and delivery of health and social services from one patient to the next, and from one health district to the next.

  • How much of that variation is sensible and necessary, and how much is unnecessary and wasteful?
  • How can we develop and leverage commonality in our health systems to improve patient services and reduce costs?

The same questions apply to the multiple implementations of HealthPathways across the HealthPathways Community. The 2018 HealthPathways Conference will address the balancing act between necessary variation and efficient commonality.

We’re seeking proposals for conference posters and presentations that represent examples of genuine collaboration between health systems within the same province or state, same country, or in different countries.

  • Submitted posters will be displayed during the three-day conference, with the best of them awarded prizes.
  • Six 10-minute presentations will be selected and scheduled for presentation on the morning of Day 1 (Monday 14 May 2018).

You'll find submission guidelines and templates on the HealthPathways Community website.

The closing date for all proposals is Friday, 23 February 2018. Don't miss out!

For more information about the 2018 HealthPathways Conference, go to