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Seeking Expressions of Interest for Part-time Roles: Regional Group Clinical Advisors and Forum Facilitator

The HealthPathways Community is entering a new phase of scale and maturity, already covering 40 health jurisdictions and still growing rapidly. We’re looking for people to work with us to ensure all members of the Community are maximising the success of their HealthPathways work program for both now, and the future.

Regional Group Forums

Our immediate focus is on scaling our support to individual Clinical Editors and to regional groupings of HealthPathways teams. In the Regional Group Strategy paper we've proposed regional groups are:

  1. Victoria and Tasmania
  2. ACT and New South Wales
  3. Queensland
  4. Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia
  5. New Zealand (may divide into South and North Islands in the future)
  6. United Kingdom (will divide into multiple regions as membership growth continues)

We propose supporting each of these regional groupings with regular meeting forums to discuss HealthPathways platform development and successful implementation initiatives, and with dedicated clinical advisors to guide and support the local clinical editors.

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Regional Group Roles

We’re now seeking expressions of interest from people already working within the HealthPathways Community for the following part-time roles:

  • Regional Group Forums Facilitator (x1): To work alongside the regionally elected chairs from the HealthPathways teams in each regional group, and with the Streamliners team, to plan and organise regular regional collaboration meetings (see the attached position description).
  • Regional Group Clinical Advisor (x5): To assist Clinical Editors within the regional group to perform their roles effectively and consistently within the framework of the HealthPathways Style Manual, Base HealthPathways, and the collaborative philosophy and principles that underpin the HealthPathways Community (see the attached position description). Please note the Regional Group Clinical Advisor role for ACT and NSW was piloted in 2017 and Dr Louise Delaney has been confirmed for the role.

We believe these will be challenging and satisfying roles for the right individuals. Existing HealthPathways experience is important, and ideally the people filling these roles will continue working as part of their local HealthPathways team whilst picking up the broader regional function funded by Streamliners.

For this to be possible it may require the agreement of the DHB, PHN, LHD, HHS, or CCG funding the local HealthPathways work programme. Streamliners can fund the regional roles either directly with the individual, or through their employer.

Next steps:

Closing date: End of business Tuesday 3 April