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Seeking Expressions of Interest for Regional Forum Chairpersons

The growth of HealthPathways has afforded increasing opportunities for the HealthPathways Community to collaborate and advocate for common issues across its membership.

Regional Forums – progress so far

In March, we released a Regional Group Strategy that proposed the development of regular Regional Forums. The purpose of the forums is to:

  • Share learning and knowledge that supports the effective planning, implementation, and evaluation of HealthPathways in each regional group area.
  • Provide expertise, advice and recommendations to support the aims of the regional and international HealthPathways Community.

Each Regional Forum will be held in the following locations, on average three times per year:

  • ACT and New South Wales
  • Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia
  • Queensland
  • Victoria and Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

To support this initiative, in May we announced the six Regional Clinical Advisors and in June we appointed Margie McLeod as the Regional Forum Facilitator.

Scheduling the first Regional Forums meetings

We are aiming to hold the first Regional Forums in the week of 31 July 2018.

Over the past few weeks, Margie has begun contacting HealthPathways regions to gain some insight into what each state or regional area is currently doing.

HealthPathways regions in Queensland have a well-established monthly meeting and a Chairperson already in place. The ACT and NSW HealthPathways regions already meet every two months.

Essentially, these regional areas will continue their current meeting schedules, with the Regional Forum Facilitator and Streamliners members attending on a regular basis.

Seeking Expressions of Interest for Regional Forum Chairpersons

We are now seeking expressions of interest to fill the role of Chairperson for the following regional areas:

  • ACT and New South Wales
  • Northern Territory, Western Australia, and South Australia
  • Victoria and Tasmania
  • New Zealand
  • United Kingdom

We believe it will be a challenging and satisfying role for HealthPathways Community members who have:

  • A sound knowledge of HealthPathways
  • A passion for improving primary care and patient outcomes
  • An ability to assist with planning the agenda, ensuring balanced input from all members, and providing clarity about decisions and actions agreed
  • Effective time management skills

Please note, this is an unpaid position.

If you are interested in filling the Regional Forum Chairperson role in one of the above regional areas, please submit an expression of interest by no later than Tuesday 17 July.

Appointing Regional Forum Chairpersons

The purpose of requesting expression of interest process is to efficiently gather nominations for the role.

Primary contacts in each regional group will be sent the expressions of interest we receive and will appoint the Regional Forum Chairperson for their regional area. The appointments will not be made by Streamliners.

Please ensure that discussions about any nominations occur at the relevant part of your local governance structures.

Toni Simmons currently fills the role of Chair for Queensland and is happy to discuss the role as it pertains to Queensland. She can be contacted directly on 0438 185899.

If you have any concerns regarding the expression of interest process or would like to suggest an alternative process for your regional area, please email Andy Froggatt

Informing the Agenda

We also invite you to submit any ideas for agenda items for the first Regional Forums - please complete the Submit Your Ideas form on the HealthPathway Community site by no later than Friday 20 July.

If you have any questions about the Regional Forums, please email Margie McLeod