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Welcoming Sunderland, and Cardiff and Vale, to the HealthPathways Community

In June, a small New Zealand team travelled to the United Kingdom (UK) to help Sunderland and the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board to prepare to join the HealthPathways Community.

This is an exciting time for the new teams in both regions. They are putting in a great amount of work to establish systems prior to their respective HealthPathways website launches later on this year. This fantastic team effort was supported by the travelling Streamliners team: CEO Ian Anderson, Writing Team Manager Emma Harding, Chief Clinical Editor - HealthPathways Community Dr Graham McGeoch, HealthPathways Chief Implementation Advisor Andy Froggatt, HealthPathways Writing Team Manager Melissa Taylor, and Regional Group Manager (United Kingdom) Anja Hüskens. The group was joined by Dr Greg Hamilton from the Canterbury District Health Board and supported by the Streamliners technical writers back in Christchurch, as they all worked to help the new regions prepare for the start of their HealthPathways journey.

Welcome to the HealthPathways Community

We extend a warm welcome from the HealthPathways Community to the many dedicated local professionals who will soon be bringing about health system transformation within these UK health jurisdictions.

In particular we would like to introduce and acknowledge the following key members of both teams:

Sunderland HealthPathways Team

  • Mark Beadling – HealthPathways Programme Manager
  • David Gunion – HealthPathways Coordinator
  • James Bell - Clinical Editor
  • Fiona Parsons - Clinical Editor
  • Heather Kift - Clinical Editor
  • James Philips - Clinical Editor
  • Fadi Khalil - Clinical Editor (absent from photo)


From Left to Right: Sunderland HealthPathways Clinical Editors James Bell, Fiona Parsons, Heather Kift, James Philips. (Absent - Fadi Khalil.)


From Left to Right: Sunderland HealthPathways Coordinator David Gunion and HealthPathways Programme Manager Mark Beadling.

Cardiff and Vale HealthPathways Team

  • Sharon Hopkins – Deputy Chief Executive
  • Emma Wilkins – HealthPathways Programme Manager
  • Brendan Boylan – ATD / HealthPathways Programme Clinical Lead
  • Patricia Osborne – HealthPathways Coordinator
  • Maria Dyban - HealthPathways Clinical Lead
  • Fran Ferner - HealthPathways Clinical Lead
  • Khurram Hashmi - HealthPathways Clinical Lead
First steps on the HealthPathways journey

As both regions commence their HealthPathways journey, key areas of focus include developing clinical leadership, and introducing the concept of HealthPathways to the wider community.

Clinical editors and coordinators from both teams have been busy working with clinical professionals and other subject matter experts (SMEs) in hospital departments, and with allied health providers, to help inform pathway development, both within and beyond general practice. This includes building a picture of how general practitioners can best assess and manage patients within the community, and from there, determining what specialists need to know as part of the referral process.

Both regions are looking forward to their main launch events later this year.

Invaluable support

"Support from our delivery partners North England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) and our South Tyneside and Cardiff and Vale HealthPathways colleagues, was invaluable as the bridge linking our southern hemisphere experiences with on the ground implementation within the UK health system," says Andy Froggatt, HealthPathways Chief Implementation Advisor.

"Our thanks to Mark Girvan, David Hambleton and teams for their pivotal role in helping to enable Sunderland, and Cardiff and Vale, to bring about real and lasting change in local UK health systems. Following on from the early success of HealthPathways in South Tyneside, it is inspiring to see the HealthPathways Community now spreading to the Sunderland and Cardiff and Vale regions.”

“We look forward to working with the local teams as they develop their HealthPathways programmes and on developing a thriving part of the community in the United Kingdom.”