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Celebrations, milestones and spreading the word

Celebrations, milestones and spreading the word

Several HealthPathways teams have celebrated achievements and milestones over the past few months. As each team acknowledges their progress and builds local engagement in their own way, the benefits to patients, clinicians, and local health systems are universal.

  • The Sunderland HealthPathways team launched Community HealthPathways with presentations at a number of events in November and December. Since then, the local HealthPathways team have started to collaborate with neighbouring South Tyneside Community HealthPathways on pathway development, with a special focus on cardiology.
  • In mid-February, the HealthPathways Cardiff and Vale team held an information celebration to mark the beginning of their HealthPathways journey. After launching with a good number of pathways, usage continues to grow, with over 700 users.
  • After celebrating 600 localised pathways in late February, the Southern HealthPathways team have 1,000 pathways well within their sights.
  • Since going live in September with 50 published pathways, the South Eastern Sydney HealthPathways team continues to go from strength to strength, with steady increases in page views, pathway sessions and planned pathways.
  • A target of 200 published pathways set for June was achieved by the Nepean Blue Mountains HealthPathways team in March, just 25 months after their initial orientation.

Sunderland HealthPathways first to launch with mobile-friendly HealthPathways site

HealthPathways was well received throughout the medical community when the Sunderland team launched Sunderland Community HealthPathways at the Sunderland Primary Care TITO events in November and December.

Supported by the South Tyneside HealthPathways team, Sunderland HealthPathways Senior Clinical Editor, James Bell and Programme Manager, Mark Beadling gave several presentations to clinical and administration staff across Sunderland, demonstrating HealthPathways and providing basic advice about access, use and providing feedback. 

Sunderland Community HealthPathways Programme Manager Mark Beadling demonstrates mobile-friendly HealthPathways

Feedback from local health representatives on the first set of fully customised Sunderland Community HealthPathways pages was very positive. Marketing materials created by the Sunderland team also helped provide a local feel.

“Since the presentations, we’ve had lot of requests for access from local GPs, nurses, healthcare assistants (HCAs), administration staff and hospital teams,” says Mark.


Sunderland Community HealthPathways Programme Manager Mark Beadling displays HealthPathways at the primary care events

The cake says it all - Cardiff and Vale celebrate launch

In mid-February the words on the cake said it all when the Cardiff and Vale Transformation team celebrated their successful HealthPathways launch.


Following the launch, in early March members of the Cardiff and Vale HealthPathways team visited the Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) HealthPathways team and Streamliners. This was followed by a visit to Cardiff by some of the CDHB team. HealthPathways SME Jeff Turner (who has been involved as a SME for the gastroenterology pathways) and Clinical Editor Karen Pardy also made a separate visit to Streamliners to spend some time with the writers in the UK team.

From Left to Right: Brendan Boylan (Assistant Director of Transformation), Patricia Osborne (HealthPathways Coordinator), Jeff Turner (one of Cardiff and Vale’s “many excellent SMEs”), Andy Froggatt (Director, Strategic Partnerships), Stephen Parnell (Assistant Director of Organisational Systems Change), Sharon Hopkins (Director of Transformation/Deputy Chief Executive).

From Left to Right: Clare Clement (Pharmacist), Hannah Brayford (Programme Management Support), Emyr Stephens (Pharmacist), Brendan Boylan (General Practitioner), Fran Ferner (Programme Manager), Maria Dyban (General Practitioner), Patricia Osborne (HealthPathways Coordinator).

Collective responsibility

At a mini-seminar on HealthPathways held by Cardiff and Vale in early May, Mark Girvan, Community Success Manager for the North of England Commissioning Support Unit (NECS) and Programme Manager for South Tyneside, summed up the potential he saw early on in HealthPathways, as way to make individual organisations collectively responsible as a system.

“Primary and secondary care consultants just weren’t having conversations,” he said.

“It was about bringing them together to make decisions that that are best for the patient, best for the system.”

As he demonstrated HealthPathways and provided his insights to a Welsh clinical audience,Mark stressed that it was the clinicians who first really understood the potential value of the pathways. Over 600 individual users were now using South Tyneside Community HealthPathways, he said.

Southern HealthPathways reaches 600 live pathways

In late February, Southern HealthPathways reached a significant milestone with the localisation of its 600th pathway.

The achievement was reached with the localisation of 13 rheumatology pathways – guidelines developed by primary and specialist services to improve how patients with particular conditions are managed across local health services.

“600 represents a lot of hard work and collaboration,” said Dr Peter Gent, Primary Care Clinical Lead for Southern Health Pathways and a GP with Mornington HealthCare.

“Especially good is that it is the rheumatology pathways, because working on these epitomises the concept of collaboration between primary and secondary care, which is the best part of working on HealthPathways!”

Southern DHB Clinical Director Rheumatology, Dr Jo Mitchell agreed.

“The collaboration between primary and secondary care has been an extremely valuable exercise.  Working with Peter Gent and his team on the rheumatology pathways has formed the basis for ongoing wider collaboration between primary and secondary care to provide more integrated care for our patients.”

Southern HealthPathways Manager Bridget-Mary McGown said awareness of HealthPathways has helped increase participation in the creation of localised pathways and use of the service for condition management and guidance.

“We’re delighted with the team we have brought together and the support and uptake we receive from across the health sector,” she said.

Congratulations to all – onwards and upwards to 1,000 localised Health Pathways!

South Eastern Sydney HealthPathways celebrates go-live


Left to Right: Yasmin Stalker (Admin Officer), Sue Baker (Project Coordinator), Sharryn Fitzgerald (Program Manager)

The SES HealthPathways Program is a collaboration between the South Eastern Sydney Local Health District, the Central and Eastern Sydney PHN, and the St. Vincent’s and Sydney Children’s Hospitals Networks.

The SES HealthPathways website “went live” in early September with 50 published pathways, and in early February, a meeting of the Pathway Advisory Committee celebrated further progress made by the team.

Since commencement, the most frequently used Request Information page views and Unique page views have been Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Emergency Assessment and Hospital in the home.

The most accessed clinical pathways continue to be those which are strongly focused on access to resources. Alcohol continues to be the primary pathway viewed, followed by Antenatal-first consult and Newly Diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes.

Since “go live”, the number of page views continues to steadily increase, as does the number of pathway sessions. The next groups of new pathways planned include Acute Demand Management, Respiratory conditions, and Endocrine assessment pages.

SES HealthPathways Advisory Committee


Left to Right: Dr Michael Moore (CE Central and Eastern Sydney PHN) Dr Hilton Shapiro (General Practitioner, Mascot and Chair GP Crew) Tony Jackson, (A/Director Primary and Integrated Community Health, SESLHD) Dr Craig Rodgers (Addiction Medicine Specialist, Clinical Lead for SVHN), Sue Baker (Program Coordinator), Dr Martina Gleeson (General Practitioner, Caringbah and GP Clinical Lead), Julie Osborne (Manager Integrated Care Unit SESLHD) Dr Patrick Bolton Staff Specialist Clinical lead SESLHD), Alan Kennedy, (Podiatry Advisor SESLHD), Sharryn Fitzgerald (Program Manager)

SES HealthPathways Clinical Editors

Left to Right: Dr Craig Rodgers; Dr Martina Gleeson; Dr Sharyn Wilkins, Dr Dayna Griffin, Dr Mona Singh, Dr Ushma Narsai

Nepean Blue Mountains passes June target 3-months early

Congratulations to the Nepean Blue Mountains HealthPathways team for passing their June target of 200 published pathways in March, just 25 months after initial orientation in February 2017, and the live launch occurring in November 2017.

“This achievement is a wonderful reflection of the hard work and commitment from the whole team in bringing to life reliable clinical information and connections with local services that facilitate care pathways for patients in the region,” said Elisa Manley, Executive Manager Operations Planning and Integration.

Since then, the team have been focusing on tackling pathways in Mental Health (specifically Eating Disorders and Older Adults Mental Health) and Paediatrics.

The Nepean Blue Mountains HealthPathways Team
Left to Right: Dr Natalie Vu (GPCE), Ms Jackie Janosi (NBMHP Project Officer), Mr Nick Rosser (NBMHP Mgr), Dr Jess Bedford (GPCE), Dr Louise McDonnell (GPCL), Dr Cheryl Ou Yong (GPCE), Dr Kate Brunton (GPCE), Dr Alex Williams (GPCE), and Dr Anita Sharma (NBNMLHD Dir Med and LHDCL).

Building local engagement

For more information about building local engagement, see See Getting General Practice Engaged with HealthPathways, or Engagement and Education for helpful resources provided by members of the HealthPathways Community.