Platform and Guideline Releases

Streamliners regularly releases updates to systems, software, and guidelines which the HealthPathways Community uses to implement HealthPathways. Here you'll find details of the latest product and guideline releases.

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Latest Dot update: New Pathway Definition and Implementation Approach fields, HealthPathways Directory updates, and mobile-friendly support for partner logos

Today, Streamliners released several updates, including:

  • In Dot:
    • Adding a new Pathway Definition field
    • Adding a new Implementation Approach field
  • In the HealthPathways Directory:
    • Adding Service Summary field to the Service tab
    • Emphasising providers’ referral information on Request pages
  • For HealthPathways websites:
    • Supporting home page partner logos on mobile-friendly sites

Dot updates

New Pathway Definition field added

Pathway records have sometimes been incorrectly duplicated and associated with the wrong review key across the different pathway instances. To help avoid this, we’ve added a new Pathway Definition field that defines the pathway’s scope if it isn’t apparent from the name.

The definition appears at the top of a pathway record in Pathways (see image below) and the exported version of a Pathway Details Report. 



New Implementation Approach field added

The Implementation Approach option is a new field to support a range of pathway implementation options. We will communicate full details of the implementation approaches tomorrow, Thursday 11 October.

HealthPathways Directory updates

Service Summary field added to Service tab

In response to feedback from the HealthPathways Community, we’ve added a new Service Summary field to the Service tab.

When published to a Request page, it enables HealthPathways users to identify relevant services within the list.


For more information, see:

Request page styling and layout changed

Note: This update was not released today. It will be released in mid-November.

Prompted by feedback from the HealthPathways Community, in mid-November we’re changing the styling and format of content published from the HealthPathways Directory to Request pages to emphasise the provider’s referral information.

 It will reduce the risk of HealthPathway users accidentally using the service provider's general administrative contact details.




HealthPathways website updates

Home page partner logos support on mobile-friendly sites

Although not initially supported, mobile-friendly versions of HealthPathways now support local or national partner logos on the HealthPathways home page template.

If you have any questions about today’s update, please have a chat with your lead writer.

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