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Project Flow Update: Results from Discovery Survey and Consultation phase

In July, we launched Project Flow - the Pathway Management Process Improvement project, with the aim of:

  • finding better ways to help plan and schedule pathway development
  • helping your HealthPathways team and Streamliners Writing Teams improve workflow
  • providing better tools for the overall process.

Results from Discovery Survey and Consultation

We were aware that the workflow used to manage pathway localisation and reviews varied from region to region within the HealthPathways Community. To get a complete picture, we kicked off the project with a Discovery and Consultation phase.

During August, members of the HealthPathways Community and Streamliners Writing Teams provided valuable information through a questionnaire and several workshops.

We received 32 responses from 24 HealthPathways teams via the online survey sent to HealthPathways Community members.

We held further in-depth workshops with eight HealthPathways regions:

  • Hunter New England
  • Sydney
  • South West Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • West Victoria
  • South Australia
  • 3D (Wellington)
  • Canterbury

Within Streamliners, 46 members of the Writing Team completed an internal survey.

Overall, we received very positive feedback about the people and communication aspects of working collaboratively on HealthPathways.

With respect to how the HealthPathways Community currently manages its workflow and what improvements you would like to see, the collective feedback highlighted:

  • variation in the planning and scheduling of new work
  • variation in how reviews are managed
  • differences in the way work is resourced and allocated across HealthPathways teams.

The results also clearly showed that:

  • everyone wants to improve the process
  • we need a more seamless way of managing workflow between writing teams and regional HealthPathways teams.

Addressing these areas will be the main focus of the Project Flow process improvement work to come.

Other service improvements

The Project Flow Discovery phase also highlighted areas for improvement outside of the scope of Project Flow. These areas included:

  • better training for technical writers, coordinators, and clinical editors
  • further developments for the HealthPathways Community site
  • better change management communications
  • guidelines for request pages and the HealthPathways Directory
  • further improvements to Dot.

Work on many of these areas is underway, with others planned.

Our thanks to all respondents in the HealthPathways Community for the time you took to provide such useful insights.

Next steps

With the Discovery and Consultation phase complete, we’re now moving to the Design Phase of Project Flow.

Our goal is to develop an end-to-end process, with support tools, to enable more effective work flow management from your HealthPathways team to the Streamliners writing teams and back again.

This “one process, one team” approach will provide shared visibility for all, across programme planning, pathway localisation, and review planning.

For our Streamliners Writing Teams, we’re also looking at new resource management and work allocation processes and tools.

We’ve developed the following process scope for the Design Phase:


Click image to enlarge

We aim to complete the Design Phase by late October. By then we expect to have drafted a high-level design and implementation plan for the Development Phase.

We’ll ask selected HealthPathways teams for their input in November, before providing another project update to the HealthPathways Community next month.

More information

If you have any questions about this project, please email Martin Flanagan (

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