Platform and Guideline Releases

Streamliners regularly releases updates to systems, software, and guidelines which the HealthPathways Community uses to implement HealthPathways. Here you'll find details of the latest product and guideline releases.

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Extending Base HealthPathways with new pathways from the HealthPathways Community

The Base HealthPathways team is now adding new pathways developed by the HealthPathways Community to the Base core pathway set.

Over the years, the HealthPathways Community has developed some great new pathways that are not yet in the Canterbury set. With the introduction of Base HealthPathways, we’re now gradually adding these to the Base core pathway set.

As we haven’t yet adapted these pathways for Base, they will initially appear on the Base site as unlocalised, with a banner "Not yet adapted for Base", and a yellow background. Just as with Canterbury pathways on the Base site, we may restructure these pathways when we adapt them for Base.

You can now find these five new pathways in the Base core pathway set on the Base HealthPathways site (log-in required):

Over the coming months, the Base HealthPathways team will continue to identify new pathways of value for the core set, based on criteria such as page views, frequency of localisation, and clinical importance.

If you would like to add these new pathways as unlocalised content on your site or if you have any questions, please talk with your lead writer.

For more information about Base HealthPathways and the Base core pathway set see:


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