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Project Flow Update: From Discovery to Delivery

Discovery and Design Phases complete

In early October, we updated you on the results from the Discovery Survey and consultation for Project Flow, and outlined our next steps for the Design Phase.

As we work through the Delivery Phase, we’ll focus on new tools and processes for pathway development and review planning, and some associated Dot improvements.

During consultation, we identified three priorities which support more efficient pathway localisation and review. These are:

  • finding more effective ways to plan and schedule pathway development
  • helping HealthPathways teams and Streamliners technical writers improve workflow
  • providing better tools and processes for planning, scheduling and reporting

Now, with both the Discovery and Design Phases complete, we’re starting delivery. 


We’ll focus on the three main priorities in this next phase of the project by:

  • improving planning
  • developing a consistent process
  • building common visibility
  1. Improving planning
    The Discovery Phase highlighted the impact of large “work in progress” queues for pathway development and review on turnaround times. We’re aiming to reduce work in progress, and improve efficiency, by developing more effective and consistent workflow scheduling processes, with shared visibility between Streamliners technical writers, and HealthPathways teams.

  2. Developing a consistent process
    We’ll develop a more effective end-to-end pathway development and review process for HealthPathways teams and Streamliners technical writers, so they can progress work and resolve issues in the same consistent manner. This will reduce complexity, improve consistency, and ensure a common approach with consistent expectations around performance.

  3. Building common visibility
    We’ll support this new process by developing a common workflow view and new reports. This will enable HealthPathways teams and Streamliners technical writers to have a shared understanding of pathway progress, and improve collaboration.

Delivery Phase

During the Delivery Phase, we’ll work on:

  • a planning tool and supporting processes to help HealthPathways coordinators manage their pathway development programme
  • more proactive management of partial updates by delivering better visibility of the percentage of technical writing hours spent on short term urgent work, versus longer term planned work
  • a single process for pathway review and localisation to enable HealthPathways teams and technical writers to communicate about workflow in the same way
  • Dot changes, many suggested by the HealthPathways Community, to support more efficient pathway development and review
  • more effective, and consistent visibility of pathway development by providing individual reports for different roles within both HealthPathways teams, and Streamliners writing teams

Approach and timing

We’ve now started the foundation work which includes:

  • scoping the planning tools and approach
  • defining a process for a single, consistent way of working
  • developing initial reports
  • releasing the DOT changes that will support Project Flow

We’ll focus first on the areas requiring detailed design and development. After implementing the changes within Streamliners writing teams, we’ll conduct trials with selected HealthPathways teams before commencing wider rollout, and update you in the New Year.

More information

If you have any questions about this project, please email Martin Flanagan (


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