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Streamliners regularly releases updates to systems, software, and guidelines which the HealthPathways Community uses to implement HealthPathways. Here you'll find details of the latest product and guideline releases.

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Proposed expansion of page types in Dot

As the HealthPathways Community has grown over the years, so has the range of information we provide across our websites. We continue to receive valuable feedback about how we can improve the tools you use to collaborate with Streamliners.

You’ve asked for more granular reporting that better reflects the types of pages in your HealthPathways sites and we recognise that the page types currently defined in Dot no longer reflect the way the HealthPathways Community continues to develop content globally.

To address this, we propose expanding the range of page types in Dot, to provide a more relevant representation of HealthPathways content. In line with this, we would also update guidance on the role and best development approach for each page type.

Current and proposed page types

Current Page Type Definitions

Proposed Page Type Definitions






HealthPathways Platform (new)

Investigation (new)

Medication (new)

Our Health System (new)

Other (new interim category until all definitions confirmed)

Pathway (was Clinical)

Procedure (new)

Request (was Referral or Request)

Resource (remains the same)

Section (new, as advised in the latest Dot update)

Standing Order (new)



This draft of Online Help content shows the proposed page type definitions, with examples as they would appear in Online Help.

Your Feedback

As this proposed change will impact on your reporting, we’d like your feedback. If you have any questions or concerns, please discuss with your lead writer by Friday 8 February.

Once we’ve received feedback from the HealthPathways Community, we’ll schedule the roll-out and let you know what that would involve.

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