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Streamliners regularly releases updates to systems, software, and guidelines which the HealthPathways Community uses to implement HealthPathways. Here you'll find details of the latest product and guideline releases.

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New pathways or clinical pages – simplified process and updated guidance

New pathways or clinical pages – simplified process and updated guidance

To help you get the most out of your HealthPathways development, we’re constantly reviewing the tools and support material we provide.

Last year we introduced the new pathway process to help guide HealthPathways teams considering new pathways or clinical pages. The aim of this process is to avoid duplicating existing pathways, or pathways in development.

Today, 23 January, we’ve simplified the process and updated the guidance for considering new pathways or clinical pages, with three key changes:

  • The New Pathway Request form is no longer compulsory, but is still a convenient way to gather the information about the pathway to send to your lead writer. If you’re not using the form, you still need to provide enough background information on why the new pathway is needed.
  • We're now publishing all previous pathway suggestions, so that you can see examples of previous recommendations.
  • The new process applies to all new clinical pages, including “resource” pages.

Find out more in Online Help:

If you have any questions about this update, please have a chat with your lead writer.

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