Platform and Guideline Releases

Streamliners regularly releases updates to systems, software, and guidelines which the HealthPathways Community uses to implement HealthPathways. Here you'll find details of the latest product and guideline releases.

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Latest Dot updates

Today Wednesday 30 January, Streamliners released several updates for all Dot projects, which give users the ability to:

  • order and edit feedback filters
  • save changes when leaving the feedback form.

We’ve also removed the Task Size field on a pathway record, and the Feedback Type field on a feedback record.

Dot - all projects

Order and edit favourite feedback filters

To make it easier to manage your favourite filters on the Dot Feedback page, you can now order and edit them as needed.

Previously, you could only change the order of filters by deleting and then recreating them. Now, you can position your filters logically in the way that suits the way you work.

You can now rearrange the order and update the filters as often as you like, saving time and effort when you need to make changes.

For more information, see My Filters in Online Help.

Prompt to stay on page when leaving the feedback form

When creating a new feedback thread in Dot or adding a comment to an existing feedback thread, you are now prompted to stay on the page if you start entering text and then try to leave the page without sending the feedback.

You can decide to stay on the page and keep working, or leave the page and lose changes.

This new feature helps ensure you don’t lose work or get frustrated by accidentally browsing away from your unsent changes.

We’ve also added this prompt to feedback forms accessed via the Send Feedback function on HealthPathways sites.

Two fields removed from Dot

We’ve removed two fields from Dot:

  • Task Size on a pathway record
  • Feedback Type on a feedback record.

Our analysis indicated that these fields are rarely used and can distract users.

As an extra precaution, in December we notified the HealthPathways Community we’d be removing the fields, and received no feedback suggesting this would be inconvenient.

If you need to record task size on the pathway record, you can use the Progress Note field for this purpose.

If you have any questions about this update, please have a chat with your lead writer.

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