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HealthPathways website updates – April 2019

Today, Tuesday 30 April, Streamliners released updates to HealthPathways websites that include:

  • a new copy and paste function that will make it easier for clinical editors to copy content from a mobile-friendly site
  • removing the next review date of a page on live sites to resolve scenarios where the next review date was significantly in the past
  • changes to the interface selection function.

On Wednesday 10 April, we let members of the HealthPathways Community know about these upcoming changes. As of today, Tuesday 30 April, the changes are live.

Copy and Paste function for mobile-friendly HealthPathways

Clinical editors frequently need to copy content from a HealthPathways page to a Word document, where changes to the content can be tracked.

In the past, copying and pasting had to be done by clicking Expand All (to open all drop-boxes), selecting text on the page, pressing Ctrl+C to copy the text, and pressing Ctrl+V to paste it into a Word document. The result of using this method was adequate when copying from a classic site, but was poor when copying from a mobile-friendly site.

To make it easier to copy content from the page and to provide a better result when copying from the mobile-friendly site, we’ve added a new copy function to the toolbar in the secondary pane in the mobile-friendly site.


Clicking Copy opens a window with further instructions.


After clicking Copy page content, the window closes and the user can paste the results into a Word document. The main content panel is copied (including drop-box content), along with relevant information from the secondary panel, such as sources and page information.

This new function is only available on the mobile-friendly site, not to the classic site. The Copy button displays on both live and draft mobile-friendly HealthPathways sites.

The copy/paste function works best with Google Chrome. Other browsers may not paste all page elements correctly, e.g. images. The result for all browsers will, however, be an improvement on manual copying and pasting from the mobile-friendly site.

Changes to dates displayed on HealthPathways

Until now, each content page on the live and draft HealthPathways websites displayed the last updated date and the next review date for the page.

This was potentially creating a negative or confusing impression for end users where a region was behind with their review schedule, where reviews were taking a long time to complete, or where the review dates were not accurately maintained.

These scenarios could have resulted in the next review date being significantly in the past. The last updated date could have also ended up being after the next review date. Additionally, the date of the next review is of less importance to end users than the date when the page was last reviewed.

With this release, live HealthPathways sites will still display the last updated and last reviewed dates, but the next review date will no longer be shown.

Draft sites will display the last updated, last reviewed, and next review dates. These changes apply to both mobile-friendly and classic sites. The location and format of the dates on each site is unchanged.

Changes to the interface preference selection function

Currently a HealthPathways user can select their interface preference – either mobile-friendly or classic – using the overflow menu (three dots, top right) on the mobile-friendly site. Once selected, the user will always be sent to their preferred site. The selection is remembered for many months if using the same web browser.

In the past, a selected preference applied to the mobile-friendly and classic versions of the current website only, for example, to the mobile-friendly and classic live Base Community HealthPathways websites.

With this release, the interface selection now applies to all websites using the same domain name, for example, all Community HealthPathways websites using the domain name. This means the interface preference remembers the user’s choice for both live and draft sites, and across multiple HealthPathways sites the user may have access to.

Also with this release, all previous preference selections will be forgotten. Users will need to make a selection again for their choice to be remembered going forward. The default interface preference is set to mobile-friendly.

This change also fixes a bug whereby the user could end up repeatedly jumping between classic and mobile-friendly sites.

For more information, please view the About HealthPathways: How to Use HealthPathways section of your HealthPathways site.

If you have any further questions about this update, please have a chat with your lead writer.

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