Evaluation of HealthPathways is a complex undertaking due to the variety of processes and groups involved in the medical setting. HealthPathways impacts different groups in different ways i.e., impact on patients, funders, managers, GPs, hospital clinicians etc. Due to the multitude of variables in health systems quantifying the attribution of HealthPathways is difficult. Benefit varies depending on how functional the health system is at baseline and how much effort is put into implementation.

There are always two interconnected strands to evaluating the impact of a HealthPathways project. You are evaluating Whole of System Change and Engagement with the Local HealthPathways Website.

Whole of System Change

Use a variety of metrics at a system level to gauge and analyse the whole of system change impact of your HealthPathways site. Examples of metrics include:

Engagement with the Local HealthPathways Website

Engagement is always harder to evaluate because the values that define it are subjective. For example, evaluation needs to take into account that HealthPathways is different things for different audiences:

  • For general practice it is a manual for day-to-day use.
  • For allied health and the third sector it is a vehicle to get the rest of the health system to know about them and use them appropriately.
  • For specialist services it is the vehicle to manage patient flow and manage resources.
  • For change managers it enables negotiation of the new way of working and embeds the changes in the system.

Examples of metrics include: