Research and Evaluation Hub

The HealthPathways Research and Evaluation Hub (R&E Hub) has been established to encourage, support and enable research into the impact of HealthPathways in the health systems that make up the HealthPathways Community.

The R&E Hub provides a number of evaluation examples, and is complemented by the Outcomes Evaluation Toolkit available on Online Help. The Key Publications list contains a curated list of significant HealthPathways publications, as well as information on how to access additional published research articles on the value and/or impact of HealthPathways, while the Other Evaluations page includes several examples of non-published HealthPathways evaluations and/or evaluation plans.

Over time, we hope to collate additional examples of HealthPathways evaluation from across the HealthPathways community to supplement our existing database of evaluation literature.

If you have questions about how to evaluate your HealthPathways programme, or you would like to share any planned or undertaken evaluations, please contact your community success manager, or the R&E Hub directly at researchhub@healthpathwayscommunity.org