Case Studies

Case studies are detailed reports focusing on a particular aspect or improvement. They can range in complexity from small write ups to very detailed reports. They can also provide a useful foundation for a peer-reviewed research article. The Case Study template might provide a useful starting point for developing a small case study from an interesting or successful initiative.

Please contact the R&E Hub or your Community Success Manager if you are planning or have a case study that may be of interest to the HP community.

Case Studies – completed

Developing accountable care systems – Lessons from Canterbury, New Zealand
A Kings Fund report that provides an overview of the transformation process that the Canterbury Health System undertook. This is a follow up from the 2013 Kings Fund report.

Case Study – Improving Patient Flow from Gynaecology Services to Whole-of-System
Service redesign leading to in improvement in:

  • Referral conversion, rate of referrals to FSA from 2006/7 65% to 2010/11 80%
  • Patient flow, days to treatment – 164 days in 2007 to 64 days in 2010
  • FSAs going on to hospital treatment reaching 95%

While this case study has been premised on the clinical condition of Heavy or Irregular Menses, it is simply a single demonstration of a model of health service improvement that is being applied on a much wider scale across many conditions, health services, and organisations.

Implementing HealthPathways across Queensland: a case study
This case study describes the implementation of HealthPathways in the Australian state of Queensland. One of the main elements of the strategy was to develop consistent referral practices and standards across the state, which led to the development of Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC). HealthPathways was selected as a tool to support the implementation of CPC in local areas. While quantitative data on impacts are still sparse, there are early indications in some localities that HealthPathways is increasing the proportion of outpatient referrals that are consistent with CPC, and moderating the overall increase in referrals.