Why should you do an evaluation?

By evaluating your HealthPathways implementation, you can:

  • demonstrate value to stakeholders.
  • justify ongoing investment.
  • provide a feedback mechanism for improvements.
  • mitigate the risk of poor implementations.
Research & Evaluation Hub support

The information and resources on the Research & Evaluation Hub provide a starting point for evaluations, and include a broad range of adaptable approaches. We also maintain a list of active research and evaluation projects, which may be helpful when planning projects or seeking collaborations.

For help at any time, contact the Research & Evaluation team at researchhub@healthpathwayscommunity.org.

What's available on the hub

Planning an Evaluation

Information on how to get started, data and methods you could use to support your evaluation, and ethical considerations.

Evaluation Frameworks

Tables setting out example evaluation frameworks. The tables are not intended to be used verbatim. They provide a starting point for discussion and planning.

We have provided five basic evaluation frameworks, as well as sample evaluation plans that support specific goals.

Evaluation Resources

A variety of resources that you can review before starting an evaluation, and consult as you work through the process.