A monitoring dashboard can provide an overview of key metrics obtained from Google Analytics and Dot. It is presented in a summarised format, which you can share with a wide audience. 

Reviewing key trends on the dashboard can help your team manage work priorities and highlight areas of interest. Archiving dashboard reports creates snapshots of the programme's progress, and reviewing them can provide a useful foundation for starting an evaluation.

The dashboard comprises several objective measures for programme monitoring. However, your team needs to create a comprehensible narrative around the data. Other hospital metrics are also required to gain a deeper understanding of the programme and its performance.

See an Example Dashboard.

Key questions or programme aims

  1. Are the HealthPathways programme objectives being met?
  2. How is the HealthPathways programme utilising its time?
  3. Are there service redesign, clinical improvement, review, or localisation opportunities?
  4. Which engagement activities are most effective?


Key questions/Programme Aims

What questions will identify if the programme is achieving its aims?

Outcomes/Programme logic

What difference do we aim to make? 

What do we expect to achieve? 

Who will benefit?


How will we know if progress is tracking well? 

What changes will we look for? 

What indicators will help answer key questions?

Methods/Data sources

What data will we collect and how?

Are the HP programme objectives being met?

  • How is the programme tracking towards pathway content goals (localisations/reviews)?
  • Is site activity increasing?
  • Track programme indicators over time:
    • Site content
    • Site usage
  • Number of pathways or pages in development or draft, localisations, reviews (12 categories)
  • Positive trends in number of:
    • Page views
    • Sessions
    • Users


  • Dashboard:
    • Dot
    • Google Analytics
    • HP programme team

How is the HP programme utilising its time?

  • Monitor time usage and identify outliers:
    • Time-consuming specialties
    • Review guidance
  • Time per specialty per month
  • Time per task per month
    • Development
    • Reviews
    • Localisations
    • Partial updates
    • Meetings and correspondence
    • Site administration

Are there service redesign, clinical improvement, review, or localisation opportunities?

  • Identify trends in page views and sessions 
  • Identify and adjust development priorities, and review guidance
  • Identify service redesign opportunities
  • Reduce unlocalised page usage
  • Page views – top ten
    • Specialties
    • Localised (top ten)
    • Unlocalised (top ten)
  • Search terms
  • Review dates

Which engagement activities are most effective?

  • Identify and quantify engagement activity usage
  • Sessions linked to Google Analytics campaign tracking