Programme Evaluation – Engagement

Engagement can be harder to evaluate because the values that define it are subjective. For example, HealthPathways offers different benefits for different users:

  • For general practice, it is a manual for day-to-day use.
  • For allied health and the third sector, it increases their visibility in the wider health system and helps ensure they are used appropriately.
  • For specialist services, it is a means of managing patient flow and resources.
  • For change managers, it facilitates negotiation of new ways of working and embeds changes in the system.

Key questions or programme aims

  1. How does the wider health system view and use HealthPathways?

  2. How do GPs perceive HealthPathways?

  3. Is health professional's knowledge and use of, and engagement with HealthPathways increasing?

Key indicators

  • Review feedback
  • Increased site usage, e.g. number of page views, sessions, new users


  • Feedback, interviews, workshops, and surveys
  • Google Analytics

Programme Evaluation – Engagement

Key questions/Programme aims

What questions will identify if the programme is achieving its aims?

Outcomes/Programme Logic

What difference do we aim to make? 

What do we expect to achieve? 

Who will benefit?


How will we know if progress is tracking well? 

What changes will we look for? 

What indicators will help answer our key questions?

Methods/Data sources

What data will we collect and how?

How does the wider health system view and use HP?

  • Is HP considered and used as the single source of truth?
  • Is HP supported and used by the wider health system?
  • Is HP viewed as a tool for communication?
  • Establish the level of health system support from:
    • Key leaders
    • SMEs
    • NGOs
    • Allied health
    • Clinicians
  • Identify participation in and engagement with the HP programme
  • Feedback on HP's influence on the wider health system
  • SME engagement with CWGs
  • Interviews with governance committee members, and key clinical and non-clinical leaders
  • Feedback:
    • CWGs
    • SMEs/CEs
    • Allied health
    • Clinicians

How do GPs perceive HP?

  • Is the HP programme creating value for end users?
  • What improvements could be made from a GP perspective?
  • Establish the level of support from GP users
  • Identify areas for targeted improvements
  • Review feedback
  • Clinician feedback:
    • Interviews
    • Focus groups
    • Surveys
  • Outreach activities:
    • Education events
    • Practice visits

Is health professionals knowledge and use of,and engagement with HP increasing?

  • Are the HP programme objectives being met?
  • Increased participation in and engagement with HP
  • Increased user knowledge of and confidence in appropriate care and referral services available locally
  • Improved user experience
  • Positive trends in number of:
    • Users
    • Sessions
    • Page views
  • Improved user experience
  • User feedback on HP's impact on the quality of consultations
  • Google Analytics
  • Clinician feedback:
    • Interviews
    • Surveys
    • Focus groups