Programme Evaluation – Executive Sponsors

It's important for every HealthPathways programme to have active executive sponsors and stakeholders, who can reinforce the value of HealthPathways and its role in the health system. 

For more information, see HealthPathways Online Help – Plan Engagement of Users, Executives, and the Health System.

Key questions or programme aims

  1. What do stakeholders and funders perceive the value of HealthPathways to be?
  2. Do project partners consider HealthPathways to be an enabler of system change?

Key indicators

  • Project partners contribute to, support, and endorse HealthPathways as an integral part of service planning and process.
  • Continued funding commitment 


  • Interviews with governance committee members
  • Review governance committee meeting minutes

Programme Evaluation – Executive Sponsors

Key questions/Programme aims

What questions will identify if the programme is achieving its aims?

Outcomes/Programme logic

What difference do we aim to make? 

What do we expect to achieve? 

Who will benefit?


How will we know if progress is tracking well? 

What changes will we look for? 

What indicators will help answer our key questions?

Methods/Data sources

What data will we collect and how?

Is the HP programme well supported by the executive stakeholders, funders, and project partners?

  • What do the stakeholders and funders perceive the value of HP to be?
  • Is HP considered and used as the single source of truth?
  • Do project partners consider HP to be an enabler of system change?
  • Is HP accessible to and used by the wider health system?
  • Does the HP programme have executive champions?
  • Is HP being used as a tool to support broader system change?
  • Is HP an integral part of the service planning process?
  • Support commitment from project partners for:
    • successful engagement and integrations
    • continued funding
    • contribution and endorsement of HP as an integral part of service planning and process
    • feedback on and endorsement of the long-term goals, including evaluation
  • Review feedback
  • Continued executive and project partner support for:
    • HP programme
    • Engagement
    • HP integration with the wider health system
    • Funding
  • Governance committee meeting minutes
  • Interviews with governance committee members
  • Feedback:
    • HP programme team
    • Clinical and non-clinical leaders
    • Key personnel